Home BS 8599-2 Contents List First Aid Kits for Motor Vehicles

BS 8599-2 Contents List First Aid Kits for Motor Vehicles

Contents of British Standard Compliant (BS 8599-2) First Aid Kits for Motor Vehicles

Contents BS8599-2 Small Medium Large
Vehicle Passenger Capacity 1-3 1-8 1-16
F/A guidance leaflet 1 1 1
Medium trauma dressing 1 1 2
Large trauma dressing      1
Triangular dressing   1 2
Adhesive plaster  5 10 20
Adherent dressing large   1 2
Sterile wet wipe 5 10 20
Sterile dressing ambulance   1 2
Nitrile gloves - pair 1 2 5
Face shield 1 1 2
Foil blanket   1 3
Burn dressing 10 x 10cm 1 2 4
Clothing shears 1 1 1

The type of vehicle & the size of the vehicle first aid kit that is required

Number of passengers/vehicle type









 British Standard First Aid Kit Motorcycles BS 8599-2




British Standard Compliant Car First Aid Kit BS8M443-3011_Moto_MediumBS8599.jpg599-2



British Standard Compliant Large Vehicle First Aid Box BS 8599-2

1-3 Motorcycles, mopeds, quads 1    
1-8 Cars, vans, taxis & commercial vehicles   1  
1-16 Minibuses, small buses     1
17+ Buses, coaches     2
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