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Cost effective space saving long shelf-life nutrition. When evaluating an Emergency Food Kit please take note of the total number of meals / calories included in the pack. Some suppliers will label a 90-meal emergency food pack as a '3 month supply'. That is only one meal a day! If you are planning for an emergency situation that will last for more than a few days, you should calculate for at least two, ideally three fully-balanced meals per day to sustain activities.

A note on units of energy: in nutritional context a calorie (cal) and kilocalorie (kcal) are equivalent. More information on emergency & survival food

Bulk Oasis Water Purification Tablets 167mg NaDCC x 5000 Tablets Aquabrick Water Filtration System 2500 Litres Long-Life Survival Food Rations Box of 24 - 60,000 calories Datrex Emergency Drinking Water Box of 96 x 125ml
Product code: B178
Product code: B673
Product code: B820X24
Product code: K125X96
£63.60 (ex VAT)
£76.32 (inc VAT)
£160.00 (ex VAT)
£192.00 (inc VAT)
£107.79 (ex VAT)
£129.35 (inc VAT)
£35.00 (ex VAT)
Survival Food Kit 24 Long Life Meals 1 Month Survival Food Kit Mixed 6 Tins Freeze Dried 1 Month Survival Food Vegetarian 6 Tins Freeze Dried 1 Month Survival Food Gluten Free 6 Tins Freeze Dried
Product code: K303
Product code: K306
Product code: K307
Product code: K308
£100.00 (ex VAT)
£205.00 (ex VAT)
£181.00 (ex VAT)
£195.00 (ex VAT)
Emergency Food Storage Pack 3 Month Kit Freeze Dried 48 Hour Emergency Preparedness Food Kit 48 Hour Emergency Preparedness Food Kit Vegetarian 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Food Kit
Product code: K312
Product code: K313
Product code: K314
Product code: K315
£375.00 (ex VAT)
£35.00 (ex VAT)
£35.00 (ex VAT)
£54.00 (ex VAT)
Temporarily out of stock
4-Day Emergency Preparedness Food Kit 5-Day Emergency Preparedness Food Kit Survival Food Supply 6 Month Kit 24 Freeze Dried Tins Emergency Food & Stove Kit 4 Person 72 Hours
Product code: K316
Product code: K317
Product code: K324
Product code: K401
£71.00 (ex VAT)
£90.00 (ex VAT)
£735.00 (ex VAT)
£230.00 (ex VAT)
£276.00 (inc VAT)
Datrex Emergency Food Ration Box of 30 Pack of Six Day Rations Menu Variety Set Of 3 Self-Heating Ration-X MREs Ration-X 5 MREs Menus A B C D E
Product code: K480X30
Product code: R100M1-6
Product code: R301+2+3
Product code: R395
£125.00 (ex VAT)
£70.14 (ex VAT)
£73.05 (inc VAT)
£25.47 (ex VAT)
£26.53 (inc VAT)
£42.45 (ex VAT)
£44.21 (inc VAT)
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