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Emergency Grab Bag What & Why

The recent events in the UK, in addition to ongoing security concerns (see What are “invacuation”, “lock-down” and “shelter-in-place” and why is that important for business?) have prompted many businesses to re-evaluate their risk management, contingency planning and safe evacuation procedures. One vital component is the Emergency Grab Bag. We have many years of experience in preparing Grab Bags; both standard and bespoke for business of all sizes; about us: network of satisfied EVAQ8 customers.

To help you prepare your own emergency grab bag, we've put together a list of suggested emergency grab bag contents. For more information also visit Business Preparedness.

Unlike Business Contigency Kits which are designed for 'invacuation', lock-down or shelter-inplace, a Business Grab Bag is used during any incident that requires the safe evacuation of your premises. It should contain essential equipment and information as recommended below. Both types of kits have been referred to as Crisis Incident Kits in recently published advice by .gov.uk (2017)

Recommended Business Grab Bag contents:

- wind-up torches (if battery operated pack spare batteries separately, head torches keep your hands free)

- glow sticks (industrial quality safety light-sticks), flashing lights or rechargeable lamps/lanterns

- megaphone / loud hailer(s) with additional batteries stored separately

- wind-up AM/FM radio (if battery operated pack spare batteries separately)

- charger for mobile telephones (or portable power unit with USB output for smartphones)

- high visibility vests for co-ordinators

- hazard cordon tape

- foil blankets (for evacuees)

- emergency drinking water (for evacuees)

- glucose tablets or boiled sweets (energy 'food' for evacuees)

- first aid kit stocked specifically for major emergencies

- notebook and pen or pencil

- waterproof document pouch (or laminated sheets) with list of essential contacts, staff list etc

- emergency evacuation plan

- floor plans (laminated) or stored in water-resistant map case 

 Flooded Town center. Worcestershire, England. How can you protect your business from unexpected disasters? Source: http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2012/12/13/1355392720084/flooded--Town-center.-Wor-008.jpg

Winter 2013-2014 UK Flood warnings Source: http://www.cityam.com/sites/default/files/sites/default/files/content-editors/u40097/Screen%20Shot%202014-02-13%20at%2006.27.05.png



The above list is a general recommendation. Every business is different and your Business Grab Bag content should reflect your particular Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity needs. For more please see Business Preparedness

Ready-made standard emergency grab bags for the workplace are available to order; i.e. Emergency Grab Bag for Business. All items in stock. Orders placed before 1pm ship the same day. 


For the full range of products see our top navigation, for more EVAQ8 Business Emergency Kits simply visit Workplace Kits and Custom Made.


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