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Attention has once again centered on protection from lethal airborne viruses and how best to avoid infection. Correctly used, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) reduces the possibility of infection. Hand hygiene measures should be used in addition to the use of PPE

FFP stands for 'filtering face piece', these masks are certified as personal protection equipment. They provide a high level of filtering capability and are an effective barrier to both droplets and fine aerosols. The FFP3 designation, which is the equivalent of N99, is the type of respirator mask that is recommended particularly for people in the healthcare sector dealing with symptomatic patients undergoing treatment where aerosols are likely to be generated. See all masks here

Stay up to date with the World Health Organization's (WHO) latest Global Outbreaks: Disease Outbreak News

Yellow Clinical Waste Sack 6kg Capacity Biohazard Personal Protection Kit Flu Protection Kit - for Healthcare Workers & Other Essential Staff Pandemic Flu Protection Pack With Masks
Product code: P658
Product code: P647
Product code: P642
Product code: P640
£0.35 (ex VAT)
£0.42 (inc VAT)
£31.10 (ex VAT)
£37.32 (inc VAT)
£22.95 (ex VAT)
£27.54 (inc VAT)
£10.26 (ex VAT)
£12.31 (inc VAT)
Non-Contact Diagnostic Infra Red Thermometer Oasis 1000 Tank Water Purification Tablets 200 x 1.7g Oasis Water Purification Tablets 167mg(20l) Pack of 100 JSP Caspian Safety Goggles To EN 166.1.B.3.4.9
Product code: G207
Product code: B171
Product code: B178C
Product code: P525
£44.95 (ex VAT)
£53.94 (inc VAT)
£9.95 (ex VAT)
£11.94 (inc VAT)
£2.66 (ex VAT)
£3.20 (inc VAT)
£8.58 (ex VAT)
£10.21 (inc VAT)
Protective Goggles To EN 166.1.B.3.4.9 Liquid + Dust Disposable Mask (N99) FFP3 Valved Respirator Tychem C Hooded Coverall Protection Against Biohazards & Chemicals Nitrile Rubber Chemical Resistant Gloves Green
Product code: P520
Product code: P230
Product code: P266S
Product code: P442M
£3.55 (ex VAT)
£4.26 (inc VAT)
£3.14 (ex VAT)
£3.77 (inc VAT)
£17.68 (ex VAT)
£21.21 (inc VAT)
£1.19 (ex VAT)
£1.43 (inc VAT)
Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves Blue Box 100 Powder Free Clinell Body Fluid Spill Wipes Clinell Disinfectant Spray: For Any Surface or Device 500ml Clinell Universal Hand and Surface Sanitising Wipes - NHS Approved
Product code: P415M
Product code: P755
Product code: P713
Product code: P711
£5.90 (ex VAT)
£7.08 (inc VAT)
£4.90 (ex VAT)
£5.88 (inc VAT)
£6.57 (ex VAT)
£7.88 (inc VAT)
£2.59 (ex VAT)
£3.11 (inc VAT)
Biohazard Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit Biohazard Body Fluids Clean-Up Kit Single
Product code: P652
Product code: P650
£14.16 (ex VAT)
£16.99 (inc VAT)
£4.49 (ex VAT)
£5.39 (inc VAT)
Yellow Clinical Waste Sack 6kg Capacity
Added: 20/12/2017
Product code: P658
£0.35 (ex VAT)
£0.42 (inc VAT)
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