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Olympus ABEK2P3 Combination Filter Canisters - Two Pack

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JSP Olympic ABEK2P3 Canisters - Pack of Two

Multi-fit DIN thread filter canisters for the Olympus full-face mask. These replaceable filter canisters give protection against either gases, particulates or a combination of the two. Colour coded to European norms in EN 14387 & EN 143.

This cartridge does it all, it protects against gases and vapours according to the table below as well as being a high-efficiency particulate filter (P3). The ABEK1P3 allow the wearer to work in virtually any environment they are likely to encounter. Although more expensive than other filters, this canister will do the job of all the other filters combined.

Suitable for protection from the following: Organic vapours, inorganic vapours, acidic vapours, ammonia vapours, nuisance odours (<WEL), rubbing down paint, paint stripping, white spirit, water based painting, solvent based painting, chlorine (cleaning & pools), glyphosate (weed killer), brick acid (graffiti removal), formaldehyde, dusts, mists, fibres and fibre glass, plaster, silica, woods (hard & soft), MDF (machine tooling), welding (ferrous & lead), earth moving.

protects against

  • A - Organic Vapours and gases with boiling point 65 deg C and above
  • B - Inorganic Vapours and gases (excluding carbon dioxide/monoxide)
  • E - Sulphur Dioxide and other acidic vapours and gases
  • K - Ammonia and Ammonia derivatives vapours and gases
  • ABEK - All of the above
  • P3 - Dust particles (high efficiency)



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