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JSP Caspian Safety Goggles To EN 166.1.B.3.4.9

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JSP Protective Goggles Dust, Splash & Impact

The Caspian goggles have been designed to offer a high degree of comfort for long periods where there is a significant risk of high speed particles striking the wearer in the eye. These goggles will resist the impact of a 6 mm steel ball fired at 430 kph (270 mph) at the lens as well as protecting the wearer from molten metal splash, liquid droplets and dust particles. The safety goggle feature a wide face-seal and wide elastic headband to ensure a tight fit against your face. Optically curved safety goggle that offers excellent vision.

Deluxe Anti-mist Ski-Type Protective Goggle Features

  • close fitting
  • anti-mist eye protector
  • protects against liquid, dust and molten metal
  • protects agains impacts of high speed particles
  • conforms to EN166.1.B.3.4.9.

Key to frame and occular protection:

  • medium energy impact against high speed particles (resist the impact of a 6mm steel ball fired at 270mph)
  • anti-mist liquid droplets
  • large dust particles
  • gas and fine particles molten metals
  • high optical quality

In use, ensure that the eye protector fits comfortably over the eyes. When not in use or during transport, the eye protector should be stored in a container such that it is out of direct sunlight and away from chemicals or abrasive substances and cannot be damaged by physical contact with hard surfaces/items. To clean/disinfect, rinse in a 1% solution of mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth.

Note: The current standard for safety spectacles, goggles, and face shields is EN 166. The standard has different sub-classes, listed below, so the description may be complex (e.g. a gas safety goggle conforms to BS EN 166.1.B.3.5.9).

a) 1 or 2 describes the optical class
b) 3 protects against liquid droplets/splashes
c) 4 protects against large dust particles
d) 5 protects against gas and fine dust particles
e) 9 protects against molten metals and hot solids
f) B protects against medium energy impact
g) F protects against low energy impact.

Correctly used, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) reduces the possibility of infection.  Hand hygiene measures should be used in addition to the use of PPE.  Protective equipment should be worn and removed in the correct order.  Please note that during and after use the external surfaces of protective equipment are considered potentially contaminated.  Never touch your eyes, nose, mouth or face, with potentially contaminated, unclean or gloved hands: you risk infecting yourself.


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