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ZAP-IT Insect Bite Relief

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Remove The Itch After A Mosquito Bite!

Zap-It is a revolutionary, pocket-sized device that is immediately effective at stopping the itching and swelling caused by mosquito bites and virtually all other biting insects. Zap-it uses the tiny electric current generated by piezoelectric material to relieve the pain and itching caused by insect bites - such as those from mosquitos. It works on jellyfish stings and stinging-nettle stings as well. Zap-It also dramatically reduces the inflammation and unsightly swelling and is particularly useful for those who suffer from allergic reactions to bites.

It is small, clean, no-fuss, and painless, all it takes is a few clicks to ‘zap’ away the itching and swelling. No battery is required; Zap-It! has no expiry date and lasts for over a 1,000 bite treatments. NOT suitable for those fitted with a heart pacemaker. 


  • rapidly stops the itching, the urge to scratch and the swelling caused by bites from mosquitoes, sand flies, midges, and most other biting insects
  • is also very effective at stopping the itching and swelling caused by jelly fish and nettle stings.
  • is safe, small, easy to use, chemical free and non allergenic
  • does not require a battery and can treat up to 1000 bites
  • is a medical device, clinically approved and tested in the most extreme conditions

Not for use by children under 4 years. Do not use near eyes or lips and avoid sensitive areas such as pulse points. Not suitable for those fitted with a heart pacemaker. Do not use directly after applying insect repellent.


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