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Hybrid 72 Hour Survival Kit

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Survival Kit in Red Case

This is a hybrid survival kit that brings together the essentials of surviving outdoors as well as sheltering in place. We have designed this kit with both wilderness survival and urban survival in mind. The kit contains items for one person for up to 72 hours. The kit is supplied in a plastic case with a handle and a bulkhead mounting bracket. The bracket can be mounted on a wall, inside a vehicle etc and the case can be quickly removed when required. Case size: 27cm x 24cm x 9.5cm. Kit weight: approximately 3kg.

contents (as suggested in our Survival Kit List guide) 

 Urban Survival Kit - Shelter


  • Bivi Bag - a compact waterproof survival bag 
  • Foil Blanket - heat-reflecting and waterproof
  • Rain Poncho - stay dry in foul weather
Survival Tools - Survival Kit List - evaQ8.co.uk passionate about Emergency Preparedness
  • Multi-Tool - use for cutting, sawing, opening cans
  • Survival Tool - glass breaker, seat-belt cutter, whistle
  • Forceps - with magnifying glass
Urban Survival Kit - FOOD - Surviva Kit List - evaQ8.co.uk
  • Emergency Drinking Water - 250ml immediate use
  • Survival Rations - 500g long life survival biscuits
  • Coffee - instant coffee granules to keep you alert
Fire Starting - Survival Kit List - evaQ8.co.uk
  • Matchesweather-proof type to light tinder/kindling
  • Candles - start a fire or use as a light source
Survival Kit List - Water - evaQ8.co.uk passionate about Emergency Preparedness
  • Purification Tablets - (20) to treat suspect water
  • Water Storage - a sealable bag to store water
  • Rehydration Sachet - (2) electrolyte salts
  • Hand Torch - dynamo type, lighting and signalling
  • Light Stick - safety glow stick
  • Triangular Bandage - cloth type, immobilise, protect
  • Burns Dressing - soothes, treats and protects burns
  • Cleansing Wipes - clean wounds
  • Plaster - adhesive dressing for minor wounds
  • Ambulance Dressing - bandage for serious wounds
Repair - Survival Tools - Survival Kit List - evaQ8.co.uk
  • Fabric Tape - first aid strapping, equipment repairs
  • Cable Ties - use to bind and repair
  • Utility Cord - 15m nylon paracord 
power - batteries and chargers - Survival Kit List - evaQ8.co.ukhttp://evaq8.co.uk/Batteries.html
  • Batteries - (4) AA  alkaline batteries for charger 
  • Emergency Charger - USB type for mobile phones

Signalling - Survival Kit List - Urban Survival - evaQ8.co.uk passionate about Emergency Preparedness

  • Compass - for navigation outdoors

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