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The following is a simplified way of splitting resources links into three distinct categories. However, we encourage anyone looking through this directory to pick the references most appropriate to them irrespective of categories. Some of the listings here are sourced internationally, however, please keep in mind that information and know how is often transferrable. Now that UK Local Councils are mandated to build Resilient Communities which naturally includes individuals, many different types of groups and business, we recommend you start with them: List of Local Resilene Forums: Emergency Planning Units  ReadyScotland | Northern Ireland Civil Contingengies. This links to their websites which increasingly make relevant local information readily available. The table below is regularly reviewed and updated but sometimes resources disappear or move without us knowing. Thank you for bearing with us if not all is perfect and thank you for understanding. 

Business | Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Resources Individuals and Families | Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Resources Comunities & Schools | Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Resources

Preparing for EmergenciesBusiness Continuity ¦ Risk Assessment | Dynamic Lockdown Procedures (GOV.UK) | UK Business Security guidance via local CTSA's 

Project Griffin - Industry Self Delivery (security, crowded places; launched 20/4/2016)

Business Continuity Planning for Museums and Galleries (Gov UK); Crowded Places Guidance (June2017 NaCTSO)

Business Continuity Management by BSI

Business Continuity Planning National College for Teaching and Leadership 

Preparing your Business (by London.gov) Business Continuity and Business Resilience Resources hub

UK National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies (NRR)

PIRATE Project: Public Information Response After Terrorist Events (framework for developing communication strategies) 

Climate change adaptation: A changing climate for business (UKCIP)

SESAME project Flooding and Small Business

HRVA Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Toolkit (Canada Gov)

Disaster Lit: resource for Disaster Medicine+Public Health (US Gov) 

CSSC Advice to Business

NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) inc advise on crowded places

Emergency Preparedness / Gov.uk, Guidance on part 1 of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 revised March 2012

HSE Health & safety legislation; Gov.UK HSE


HPA Compendium Chemical Hazards

The Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery Guide
(for small enterprise); BCP generator

UK Climate Impacts Programme UKCIP

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs guidance) - BBC; also see EVAQ8 Personal Emergency Plan; NFPA Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities

London 2012 Planning guide by Sunguard (of historic interest)

5S resource Visual Management (Business Resilience)

International Disaster Database EM-DAT

GovUK: preparing for emergencies; NHS Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR)

Resilience: EVAQ8 Resilience BlogUK Gov Local Resilience Forums

Mobile APPS for Emergency Preparedness: useful list by US HHS, many applicable worldwide; NHS Health App list

Preparedness: UNESCO Parent's Guide to Disaster Risk ReductionHow to be Prepared for an Emergency (German Gov Publications; Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance)  ready.gov (US), UK Gov Emergency Planning;

CDC Personal Preparedness for older adults and their carers

BBC connecting in a crisis; List of UK radio stations

UK mobile phone coverage ; Open Signal (interactive map)

Flood advice (Environment Agency);River and Sea Levels for England (beta);  Driving through floods (Smart Driving); Q&A Floodinsurance Which; EVAQ8 page on Prepare for flooding

UK DEFRA air quality latest; MET Office Air Quality;  IRIS seismic monitoring;

Get Ready for Winter (UKGov); evaQ8 Severe Winter and Storm; MET office: Severe Weather Advice;  El-Nino, La Nina do they affect Europe? Weatheronline;

Heatwave Plan for England (UK Gov); Heat Health Watch (MetOffice); NHS Summer Health

advice with Pets NAWT

NHS direct

MediAid First Aid/Health & Safety Quizzes, interactive

HPA Health Protection Agency UK; European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ECDC; US CDC Center for Disease Control & Prevention; WHO Disease Outbreak News

Evacuating London - Operation Sassoon; Preparing London; COBR;

Mitigation Videos: flood; fire; lightening; earthquake;

Disaster Preparedness Tokyo (households) 2015 





National Flood Resilience Review (09/2016)

NaCTSO counter terrorism protective security advice for places of worship (2009)

Defra Flood Resilience Community Pathfinders Scheme (2013-2015), free resources via the National Flood Forum

Preparedness & Resilience for schools evaq8.co.uk/schools

UN/UNESCO Teacher's Guide to Disaster Risk Reduction

Resilience in Society: Integrated Emergency Management (IEM), infrastructure, communities and business

Developing Community Resilience Through Schools project

TES foundation Business Continuity Planning

Communities Advancing Resilience Toolkit (CART), University of Oklahoma

Introduction to hazard identification + risk assessment Uni Exeter

NASUWT Adverse Weather Advice

Personal Emergency Evacuation (PEEP) samples & guidance

Critical Incident Manual (Ealing Grid For Learning)

School Emergency Planning, Nottinghamshire

Critical Incidents in Schools, Hertfordshire School Administration

First Aid guidance for schools, GOV UK

Book: School Resilience Planning (2010); Book Promoting Community Resilience in Disasters: The Role for Schools, Youth, and Families (2010)

Teen CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams)


....also see Business resources






Business: free useful dowloads for Preparedness Useful Preparedness downloads  forPrivate Customers Useful Downloads for Communities / Schools 

Guide to Business Continuity Planning by Bedfordshire & Luton Local Resilience Forum

Business Continuity Planning Greater Manchester Local Authorities

pdf: Organisational Resilience Case Studies (2011, Australia)

HM Gov: guide to making your premises safe from fire

Prepare your property for flooding (Environment Agency); evaQ8 page on Prepare for flooding

The Role of the Fire Warden - YouTube

HSE - Basic advice on First Aid at Work

HSE - First Aid at Work

Management of First Aid - A Handbook for First Aiders by
Manchester Metropolitan University

PEEP template (word doc)

Emergency Preparedness, GOV.uk

FSA, Business Continuity Management Practice Guide 2006, pdf

DH Gov: Infection Control in the built Environment pdf






Dowload our free template or see the many Household Emergency Plansas per local councils  i.e. pdf by Enfield;  Quickplan by RBKC; or pdf by Dartford Gov; or pdf by Spreyton; Create an Emergency Plan (interactive), Ready Scotland / What to do in an Emergency pdf (includes template plan) Newcastle Gov | Personal FLood Plan (UK Gov)

Helping children cope with disaster; Parent's guide for helping children in wake of disaster

Ray Mears Extreme Survival - BBC on YouTube;

Land Navigation skills PDF (Field Manual FM 3-25.26)

Take me fishing - basic angler guide

Scouts skills simple knots

Wild edible plants (YouTube) - US but also UK

USMC - Water Survival Course / US Army: Basic Survival / US Army Master Resilience Training MRT;

SAS Urban Survival Handbook

RedCross: pocket size First Aid Tips

WikiBooks: First Aid / CDC Chemical Hazads

VNH: Directory of Military / Naval and Humanitarian Medicine and Disaster Medicine Textbooks

Field manual (WHO) - communicable disease control in emergencies; Interim Infection Control Recommendations Ebola 2008 (WHO)

Floods - the awesome power (NOAA)

Radiation Basics (CDC training videos)

Disaster Action (charity) free leaflets for people affected

Video Series Just In Time;'

Gov.UK: Community Emergency Plan Template (pdf)

HIRA Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Workbook (Ontario, CA)

Disaster Prparedness Tokyo (2015)

Coping with a School Emergency - CSE - pdf

DFEE First Aid pdf

2012-15 Schools Emergency Plan (pdf) Sandwell Gov

2013 Developing a School Emergency Plan, Northamptonshire County Council (templates

2010 Schools' Emergency Plan Guidance (pdf, doc template)
Surrey County Council

2010 School Emergency Plan Template, Bracknell Forest Council (doc)

2011 NaCTSO on education institutions PDF; 2009 NaCTSO guidlines;

2008, School Emergency Response Plan, Checklist & School Business Continuity Template (Hertfordshire)


Helping children cope with disaster ReadyGov; (also American Red Cross pdf); 

Video (US) Triage for Teachers; SAR Search & Rescue for Teachers; elementary School Lockdown;








Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (Legislation UK)

Power cuts: 105 (in effect since 04/2016 Guardian)

Water: report burst water mains / British Gas Emergency contact  0800 111 999



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Emergency phone numbers UK:

999 immediate emergency assistance (fire, police, medical)

0800 789 321 Anti Terrorist Hotline

0800 111 999 National Gas Emergency Number

101 police (non-emergency) |  111 NHS urgent care service

Emergency SMS service | 105 power cut

List of useful Emergency Preparedness apps UK (coming soon)

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