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British Army 24 Hour Ration Pack Menu 8

British Army 24 Hour Ration Pack Menu 8
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Operational Ration Pack Menu 8

Military Style 24 Hour Rations packs produced by the suppliers to the British Armed Forces.

The 24 Hour Ration Pack (4000 Kcal) is a complete 'one stop' ration to fully sustain 1 active person for 24 hours while on operations. It contains high energy snacks, electrolyte drinks and 3 main meals. All meals are fully cooked and ready to eat, hot or cold. The main meals are packed in pouches that can be heated by immersing them in hot liquid (boil in the bag) or the contents can be poured into mess tins for heating. It is also possible to heat these meal pouches using a flameless ration heater (not included).


Main meals
1 x Vegetarian All Day Breakfast 300g, 1 x Chickpea Curry 300g, 1 x Beef Meatball & Spagetti 300g, 1 x Chocolate Brownie 200g

1 x Fruit Biscuit 95g, 1 x Mix Fruit Puree 90g, 1 x Mixed Dried Fruits Nougat Bar 30g, 1 x Nuts 75g, 1x Dried Fruits  75g, 1 x Cranberry Cereal Bar 50g, 1x Hot Pepper Sauce 5ml

1 x Lemon Flavour Isotonic Drink Powder 45g, 1 x Grapefruit Flavour Drink Powder 45g, 1 x Cola Flavour Drink Powder 45g, 1 x Tropical Flavour Drink Powder 45g, 1 x Mint Flavoured Hot Chocolate Drink Powder 60g

2 x Antibacterial Wipes, 2 x Teabags, 4 x Sachet Sugar, 4 x Beverage Whiteners, 5x Chewing Gums, 6 x Water Sterilising Tablets, 2 x Coffee Sticks, 1 x Packet Waterproof Matches, 1 x Re-sealable bag, 1 x Spork, 1 x Packet Tissues

Allergens: Wheat, Milk, Fish, Egg, Oat, Peanuts, Soya, Mustard



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