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Survival Food Supply 6 Month Kit 24 Freeze Dried Tins

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6 Month Survival Pack of 24 Freeze Dried Tins

This kit is what is often termed a 6-month supply of food because it contains over 258 portions. In real-life emergency situations these tins will provide 2 nourishing, freeze-dried meals for two adults for over sixty days.

A selection of twelve flavours of FYP #10 tins that have a shelf life of up to 25 years. These four compact cartons pack a whopping 100,000 calories in total energy. We guarantee at least 24 years of shelf life remaining when you receive these tins. The perfect choice when it comes to long term food storage, emergency preparedness and recreational activities. The tins are airtight, water tight and extremely robust. They have the additional convenience of a plastic lid to provide an airtight seal keeping the contents fresh for up to 7 days after opening. To rehydrate the contents simply measure a portion, add boiling water, stir and you have a delicious meal in minutes. For ingredients and allergens, please check the individual tin descriptions.

Contents 2 each of the following large tins

  • 2 x K202 Oats with Raspberry 18 servings per tin
  • 2 x K204 Chicken Tikka 8 servings per tin
  • 2 x K205 Chicken Fajita with Rice 8 sevings per tin
  • 2 x K208 Vegetable Chilli 7 servings per tin
  • 2 x K210 Chicken Fried Rice 8 servings per tin
  • 2 x K211 Vegetable Rice 7 servings per tin
  • 2 x K212 Vegetable Tikka 8 servings per tin
  • 2 x K213 Chilli con Carne 8 servings per tin
  • 2 x K214 Sweet & Sour Chicken 8 servings per tin
  • 2 x K215 Rice Pudding with Strawberry 20 servings per tin
  • 2 x K216 Chocolate Mousse with Granola 15 servings per tin
  • 2 x K217 Custard with Apple 14 servings per tin

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