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550 Paracord High Strength Utility Cord Black

550 Paracord High Strength Utility Cord Black
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550 Paracord Black Nylon

Genuine paracord with a working load of 150lb (68kg) and a breaking strength of 550lb (250kg). This is the real deal. Also known as parachute cord, this light-weight nylon cord has multiple uses. Use it for all your survival, emergency and outdoor needs. This Type III 550 survival paracord features seven inner strands and an outer sheath. The inner strands not only add the strength to the paracord, but individual sections of this inner core can be used as sewing thread, fishing lines, and for many other survival uses. 

High Strength Utility Cord

  • diameter: 3.18mm (1/8")
  • length: 15.24m (50ft) 
  • break strength: 550lbs - 250kg



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