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Biolite Light & Power System

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Charging Station, Lantern and Torch in One

Ultimate portability with maximum functionality: charge and light with a device that fits in your pocket. Warm, powerful lighting meets portable off-grid charging to create an energy hub in the palm of your hand. Charging: The powerful 4,400 mAh Li-Ion battery can be recharged from any USB source (including BioLite products) and then share power to any of your USB chargeable gear.

Lantern: 450 lumens of broad spectrum light in your pocket. See colors in dark conditions while creating an inviting, home-like atmosphere that mimics daylight.

Torch: 3-in-1 PowerLight helps you find your way, light your site, and enjoy your surroundings. 

Micro-USB Rechargeable: Forget external batteries and recharge from your wall, car, or computer. 


  • torch power: 250 lumens max
  • lantern power: 200 lumens max
  • dimensions: 5.64 x 13.39 x 2.92 cm
  • weight: 210g
  • power out: USB charge out; 2.5mm connector
  • battery: 4400 mAh lithium-ion (refill up to 3 smartphones)
  • burn time: PowerLight Only 72h LO/6.5h HI

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