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Business Continuity

Business Continuity - Business Contingency - Preparedness for Business 

In the UK, just 6-8% of people actually living with flood risk know they are vulnerable. 1 in 5 businesses are affected by serious disruptions every year – 80% don’t survive more than 18 months. 70% SMEs say they have no Business Continuity Plan.  Even after having been flooded twice just over half of SMEs actually show preparedness.**


 Business Continuity Planning Lifecylce | source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/c/cf/BCPLifecycle.gif/220px-BCPLifecycle.gif | embedded image use via public domain/creative commons

source BBC | https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprodpb/16113/production/_87078309_87078308.jpg



UCL's 6th annual IRDR conference 2016 Prof David Alexander (UCL IRDR), Hamish Cameron (London Resilience), Mark Leigh (epc), Tony Thompson (EPS)



These are stark numbers. Worryingly they affect 99% of all UK Business. 

They directly impact the 5.5 million SMEs and the 15.7 million people they employ. Small and medium sized businesses are ‘the backbone’ of the UK, providing economic diversity and livelihoods, the bedrock of resilient communities. 

Emergencies and disasters can strike anytime anywhere, often with little or no warning. Disruptions to business can happen because of severe weather such as storms and flooding, or any number of other causes such as fire, sabotage, theft, terrorism, or simply because of human error.

For business, the consequences can be devastating, resulting in property and asset damage, lost customers, lost revenue and profits, even total collapse. It is therefore crucial that businesses of all sizes not only plan in advance but also take action to be better prepared.

Business Continuity and Business Contingency Planning are complex topics. If you are new to the subject, take a look at Business Preparedness and our directory Ready-for-Emergencies with useful resources and links to help you get started. Business Continuity has tended to focus on IT security and communications management but thankfully is now expanding to include topics such as situational awareness, facilities and capacities building across a much wider ‘risk landscape’not just cyber attacks and IT disruptions.

Plans are important. However, as experts recently discussed “the value is in the planning, not in the plans". By necessity ‘planning’ must extend to include practical tools and those must be in place BEFORE an actual crisis precisely so that it can be dealt with in the best possible way. This is 

Business Preparedness: practical tools for businesses to bounce back from emergencies fast

At the simplest and most straighforward level, Business Preparedness has 3 Ps: PLAN - PREPARE - PRACTISE.
In essence, this approach has much in common with the Business Continuity lifecycle illustrated above. Only it is leaner, simpler and thus more straightforward and accessible to SMEs. 

What Business Preparedness exactly looks like varies widely. Each business is unique and needs to carefully evaluate its own needs to not only survive an emergency or disaster, but to bounces back fast and continue to thrive. Getting the right tools to help business plan and prepare is key, covering crisis management, health and safety and security.

Equipping your Business to be ready to face a major incident, crisis or disaster does not need to be difficult. We help to make it hassle free and straight forward.

EVAQ8.co.uk is the UK’s Emergency Preparedness specialist. We have assisted thousands of Businesses in the UK and abroad for many years to find the right practical solutions for their Business Preparedness, Business Continuity and Business Contingency planning.  Take a look at standard Workplace Kits and examples of Bespoke Kits.  If you don't find exactly what you are looking for and want Emergency Kits built to your specification simply contact us for a competitive quote.


Business Preparedness is easy: get a kit, make a plan, be informed

Business Preparedness is easy: get a kit - make a plan - be informed | EVAQ8.co.uk the UKs Emergency Preparedness Specialist




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LondonPrepared storify resources for SME's Business Continuity Awareness Week 2016 | BCI Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017 

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 ** statistics: FSB, Environment Agency and research by CFR UWE (see blog), BC research by Databarracks via Continuity Central