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Car First Aid Kits

Which type of Car First Aid Kits or Vehicle First Aid Kit do I need? With the launch of the new British Standard for vehicle first aid kits in February 2014 it is now accepted as best practice to use the BSI kits in your vehicles BS-8599-2-First-Aid-Kits-Contents

  • Company cars including delivery vans and service vehicles should carry a car first aid kit (M400) or the new British Standard medium motor vehicle kit (M443)*
  • Passenger carrying vehicles (PCV) and public service vehicles (PSV) are required (by law) to carry a PSV first aid box (M408) or BS 8599-2 size large (M448)
  • Taxis and minicabs (private hire vehicles) are required to carry an approved first aid kit (M408) or the new (M443)**
  • Some European countries require a first aid kit to be carried in motor vehicles, Germany requires a first aid kit to DIN standards (M415)
  • Private cars and self-employed drivers should carry the new medium-size BSI vehicle first aid kit (M442)

*  Companies should conduct health and safety assessments to identify the type of vehicle first aid kit(s) required by their drivers.

** Taxis and PHVs are required by law to carry first aid kits. The type and contents of the first aid kit varies with the local licensing authority.

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M400 Car First Aid Kit For Cars Delivery Vans and Service Vehicles
  • £6.80 (ex VAT)
  • £8.16 (inc VAT)
M441 British Standard Motorcycle First Aid Kit in Soft Wallet Only 5 left in stock
  • £7.50 (ex VAT)
  • £9.00 (inc VAT)
M442 British Standard Car First Aid Kit Medium BS 8599-2
  • £16.30 (ex VAT)
  • £19.56 (inc VAT)
M443 British Standard Car & Van First Aid Kit in Box
  • £17.00 (ex VAT)
  • £20.40 (inc VAT)
M448 British Standard Bus & Coach First Aid Kit Large BS8599-2
  • £28.50 (ex VAT)
  • £34.20 (inc VAT)
M415 Car First Aid Kit to DIN 13164
  • £14.75 (ex VAT)
  • £17.70 (inc VAT)
M408 PSV Public Service Vehicle First Aid Kit With Mounting Bracket
  • £16.00 (ex VAT)
  • £19.20 (inc VAT)
M401 Vehicle First Aid Kit Windscreen Sticker
  • £1.59 (ex VAT)
  • £1.91 (inc VAT)
M166 Intermediate Car Safety Pack With Bsi First Aid Kit
  • £28.34 (ex VAT)
  • £34.01 (inc VAT)
M168 Advanced Car Safety Pack With BS8599-2 First Aid Kit
  • £36.30 (ex VAT)
  • £43.56 (inc VAT)