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Chemical Spills - How to prepare for Chemical Spills

...part of the extended info series on How to prepare your Personal Emergency Plan  | this page is also accessed via bit.ly/ChemicalSpillPreparedness

Biological Hazards: Chemical Spill | biological and chemical contamination

Scenario Chemical Spill / Contamination 

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1. ASSESS - know and recognize the hazards

  • familiarize yourself with the hazard symbols that appear on products that you use; ie HSE hazard pictograms  and occupational use
  • store and handle responsibly any chemicals you come into contact with
  • know of any major manufacturing plants or laboratories in your neighborhood
  • be aware of nearby transport routes (roads, highways, waterways, air corridors) that frequently transport hazardous materials

2. PREPARE for Chemical Spill
3. STAY SAFE during a Chemical Spill 
  • handle with extreme caution : place a barrier around spill for containment, signpost the area for safety, cover spill completely with appropriate materials, clean up then bag and tag for appropriate waste removal
  • keep informed, tune in to radio, TV etc.
  • follow guidance of the emergency services, shelter-in place or evacuate as advised

4. RECOVER after Chemical Spill
  • follow public health and safety advice; HPA recovery handbook PDF now archived  
  • monitor that your drinking water is safe and that there are no other remaining contaminants or hazards in your environment



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Select Resources:

Advice: HSE essential COSHH guidance pubicationsHSE Chemicals at work; HSE leaflets

Books:  Household Chemicals and Emergency First Aid;  Calculated Risks: The Toxicity and Human Health Risks of Chemicals in our Environment; Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes; Biological and Chemical Terrorism: A Guide for Healthcare Providers and First Responders

Data: UK.Gov Oil and Chemical Spill Data; UK.Gov Chemical Hazards and Poisons reportCRHF.org Chemical Accident Histories; ICIS Guide to Chemical Disasters; Wiki list of industrial disasters;

COSHH Safety Poster | Product Code C131 | image source http://evaq8.co.uk/COSHH-SAFETY-POSTER-Laminated-59cm-x-42cm.html

Spill Warning Notice | Product Code C852 | image source http://evaq8.co.uk/FREE-STANDING-FLOOR-SIGN-Yellow-High-Impact-Polypropylene.html


Chemical Spill |licensed stock image © Wellphotos | Dreamstime.com image62896194#res4557591


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