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Disposable Mask FFP2(N95) Valved Respirator CE Marked EN 149.2001

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Disposable Mask FFP2 valved

High protection, cost-effective respirator mask

Disposable fold flat FFP2 respirator mask with exhalation valve. FFP2 is the equivalent of N95FFP2 masks offer protection from fine toxic dusts, fibres, aqueous mists, and oil based mists. CE Marked.

Disposable Mask FFP Features

  • FFP2 rated respirator mask to EN149:2001 (N95)
  • protection from fine toxic dusts, fibres etc
  • high protection from airborne infection (95% efficiency)
  • built in exhalation valve improves efficiency and comfort
  • deluxe fold flat design with fully adjustable bands (now latex free)

Use:  The FFP 2 disposable face mask is for single use only. It should not be used for more than 8 hours continuously and should be safely discarded after use. Use only when a concentration of contaminants is not immediately dangerous to life or health, and only in accordance with the applicable health and safety standards. As required by the European Health and Safety requirements the user is advised that when the disposable face mask is in contact with the wearer's skin, it may cause allergic reaction to susceptible individuals.

Correct fitting of FFP2 disposable face masks:  Hold the disposable FFP2 face mask mask firmly and place the bottom headband over the head to the nape of the neck. Place the mask over the nose putting the top headband over the crown of the head. Ensure the nose clip is securely moulded around the nose, resting the ends against the cheek to obtain a good seal. To check the fit, place both hands completely over the respirator and inhale vigorously. If air leaks at the edge, readjust the mask, manipulating the nose bridge and headband to effect an acceptable seal. If a proper seal cannot be obtained DO NOT enter the contaminated area.


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