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Deluxe Two-Person 72-Hour Emergency Kit Go Bag

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GoBag® Emergency Kit in Tan Rucksack - 72hr Deluxe 

We've put this kit together for those who prefer an unmarked Grab Bag. This complete kit contains food and water, lighting and tools, shelter, first aid and hygiene supplies. The contents were selected to support two adults for 72 hours. As always with our kits, we only use products that we have tested and would be happy to use in an emergency. The kit is supplied in a rucksack without markings, allowing you to carry a discreet package without drawing undue attention.


food and water

  • 6 x B840 emergency water rations, long shelf-life
  • 2 x B820 emergency food rations, long shelf-life, 5000 calories
  • 2 x B85X ready to eat, self-heating meals
  • 2 x B864 bio-degradable spoons
  • B828 boiled sweets - 50g pack
  • B170 water purification tablets, pack of 50 tablets
  • B626 drinking water bottle, 1 litre capacity

lights and tools

  • ME221 Petzl e+ lite emergency headlamp, 10-year storage life
  • ME116 wind-up LED torch, no batteries needed
  • C719 wind-up radio, no batteries needed
  • B185 good quality multi-tool
  • P450 light duty gloves, pair
  • C900 waterproof cloth-tape, 50 metres, multi-use
  • C901 paracord, 15 metre, multi-use
  • B531 strike fire starter medium


  • B161 emergency survival shelter, 2-3 persons
  • 2 x B360 thermal survival bag, compact pack
  • 2 x T910 disposable rain poncho

first aid and hygiene

  • P715 body bathing wipes, pack of 8
  • P711 disinfection hand wipes, pack of 40
  • pocket tissues, pack of 10
  • T818 first aid kit contains
    • Finger Dressing x 1
    • Wound dressing pad 5cm x 5cm x 4
    • Wound dressing pad 7.5cm x 7.5cm
    • Wound dressing pad 10cm x 10cm
    • Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m
    • Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 10m
    • Triangular Bandage x 2
    • Gloves (pair) x 2
    • Assorted Washproof Plasters x 20
    • HSE Medium 12cm Dressing
    • HSE Large 18cm Dressing
    • Survival Blanket
    • Wipes x 6


Suggested extras that would fit in this 72hour Deluxe GoBag™: multi-fuel kettle see FoodPreparation, WaterPurification & portable power packs see our category 'Generators'. 

If you already have your own contents, you can order the empty ruckasck T191 separately.


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