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Emergency Preparedness Kit 72 Hour

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Disaster Survival Kit For 72 Hours

Self-reliance with this fully stocked 72 hour Kit for sheltering in place. In an emergency you can rely on this kit to keep you safe, supplied and informed. Our emergency preparedness kit is designed to supply emergency water and food rations, shelter and warmth, first aid and survival equipment. 

When the authorities issue the shelter-in-place advice you may, or may not, be able to shelter in your home. Consider the possibility of structural damage brought on by floods, earthquake, high winds or other impacts (explosions, blasts etc.) This would make your home unsuitable for sheltering in. The alternative is an outdoor space close to your home, such as a garden, or an indoor public evacuation shelter. 

Includes long-life food, water and shelter provisions for two

  • 1 Mini AM/FM emergency radio 
  • 4 500ml Emergency Drinking Water Pouches – long-life
  • 2 500gm Emergency Food Ration Bars – long- life
  • 10 Emergency Glow Sticks, safe light in all conditions
  • 1 Water resistant torch supplied with batteries
  • 6 Survival Blankets, compact emergency foil thermal survival blanket
  • 2 Whistles, Emergency orange plastic safety whistle
  • 2 Poncho, pocket size disposable poncho
  • 2 Survival Bivi Bag, heavy duty poly bag with survival instructions
  • 2 Blankets, convenient roll-up design
  • 1 Hand Sanitizer, waterless hand cleanser gel
  • 1 Work Gloves, pair
  • 1 Multi-Function hand tool
  • 1 Gaffa Tape, multiple-use water-proof repair tape
  • 50 Water purification tablets; destroys bacteria and viruses in drinking water
  • 1 Drinking Water Bottle, 1000 ml with secure cap
  • 1 Travel First Aid Kit
  • 1 Notebook with pencil
  • 1 Signal Mirror
  • 1 Waterproof document pouch
  • 1 Heavy duty holdall

* Items of equal quality may occasionally be substituted. Contents are customisable, please contact us


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