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Earthquake & Natural Disaster Survival Kit

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Earthquake / Natural Disaster Survival Kit

The contents of this kit can be used to aid survival in the aftermath of an earthquake or other natural disaster. This natural disaster survival kit is made up of five separate modules; Food & Food Preparation, Tools & Personal Protection, Shelter & Warmth, Light & Communication, First Aid & Hygiene. Each of these modules are also available separately. The contents are supplied loose in a shipping carton enabling you to use a suitable storage device of your choice.

We suggest you add personal items such as clothing, additional food and drink, copies of documents to your kit.

Should you require a carrying solution, please select a bag of at least 50 litre capacity. 

This kit is now available packed in a holdall: Earthquake Survival Kit In Wheeled Bag 


Contents: natural disaster survival kit

Food & Food Preparation

  • Survival food rations 500 g x 2
  • Survival drinking water 2 litres
  • Boiled sweets - 50g pack
  • Self-heating meal x 2
  • Water purification tablets x 100
  • Drinking bottle 1000 ml capacity
  • Cooking 'mess' tins - set
  • Knife, fork, spoon set x 2
  • Solid fuel cooker with tablets
  • Additional fuel tablets - pack
  • Matches - box
  • Can & bottle opener

Tools & Personal Protection

  • Multiple blade tool
  • Pry 'wreaking' bar
  • Waterproof tape 50 m
  • Work gloves - pair
  • Disposable respirator mask FFP2 x 4
  • Safety spectacles
  • Waterproof notebook
  • Permanent marker

Shelter & Warmth

  • Tarpaulin groundsheet
  • Emergency foil blankets x 4
  • Survival bag x 4
  • Emergency rain poncho x 4

Light & Communication

  • Wind up LED lantern
  • Wind up AM/FM radio
  • Head-torch with batteries
  • Safety light-sticks x 10
  • Safety whistle x 4

First Aid & Hygiene

  • Home first aid kit
  • Burns first aid kit 
  • Disposable examination gloves x 10
  • Disposable solid-waste toilet bags x 3
  • Disposable urinal toilet bags x 3
  • Antibacterial hand & surface spray
  • Antibacterial surface wipes x 40
  • Bathing wipes (no water needed) - pack
  • Camp shower 20 litre capacity


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