Home Health & Safety Semi Rigid Signage Fire Exit Sign (Arrow Up) - semi-rigid plastic 20cm x 60cm

Fire Exit Sign (Arrow Up) - semi-rigid plastic 20cm x 60cm

Fire Exit Sign (Arrow Up) - semi-rigid plastic 20cm x 60cm
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Fire Exit Sign (Arrow Up)

Utilizing the correct health and safety / emergency signs is a vital part of your emergency planning procedure.

This FIRE EXIT / ARROW POINTING UP safe condition sign needs to be clearly displayed to mark your safe fire exits so that your staff and visitors know where to go to leave the building or venue in the event of a fire or emergency evacuation.

Affix the FIRE EXIT / ARROW POINTING UP safety sign in strategic areas to point to fire stairs or fire exits located on upper floors.


Fire Exit Sign (Arrow Up) Features

  • safe Condition Safety sign with a white on green arrow pointing UP and the text 'FIRE EXIT'
  • excellent comprehension and legibility
  • size 20 x 60 cm
  • complies with BS 5499 Part 1 and Part 4, Part 5 and The Health & Safety Regulations 1996 (Safety Signs and Signals)

*can easily be fixed with screws, double sided tape or a general adhesive (not supplied)


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