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Festival Survival Guide

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Festival Survival Guide - top Preparedness Tips for an amazing Summer

Music festivals are some of the biggest highlights of summer in any country, especially Great Britain, attracting hundreds of thousands of fans every year. A little preparedness can go a long way in making sure you and your friends have an unforgettable time in only the most positive ways.  

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‘No-argument’ Summer Festival Survival Essentials

  • Food: while traditional snacks are great, how about some amazingly tasty and nutritious self-heating Meals-Ready-to-Eat, or MREs for short? If you’ve never tried them, now is the time!
  • Water: simple re-usable water bottles are a must but how about a proper waterpurification bottle you can use worldwide on your adventures and get cartridges that are replacable?
  • Hygiene: real travel towels are super useful and so are waterless products like body wash, shampoo and a travel toothbrush. Deodorants are useful but only mask so rather think of using gentle yet effective bathing wipes. For this and other brilliant antibacterial products check out Purell and Clinell. And don’t miss Travel John disposables, neater than just extra toilet rolls and bin bags.
  • Clothing: no surprises here really. Go for comfortable yet sturdy wellies, rain poncho, quality socks, warm hoodies, plenty of t-shirts, shorts and jeans, sunhat and sunscreen.
  • Bum bag – yes, sure but uninspiring! How about this instead:  a geeky ELITE waistbag or legbag? Such a professional yet totally affordable kit bag beautifully organizes all your stuff like cash, phone and first aid. Even better, it will most certainly outlast any and all festivals you ever go to.


Other useful Summer Festival Survival tips 

  • if you travel by car, always carry a car safety kit and some extra supplies in case you get stuck in major queues
  • pack super sticky waterproof Gaffa repair tape and Stormseal adhesive for quick and painless repairs to tent, clothing etc.
  • invest in a good torch to get around camp at night. Especially useful are head torches as they leave your hands free or wind-up torches you won’t need batteries for
  • tie something personal and high contrast / colourful to your tent so you can find it easily
  • buy your tickets early and get early bird prices
  • know the camp layout and schedule in advance so you don’t miss your favourite bands

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Things to avoid at all cost - Summer Festival Survival

- never (ever!) pitch your tent near the portaloos (for obvious reasons!) and don't wear an all-in-one playsuit no matter how tempted you may feel. Playsuits are a nightmare to handle and keep clean in portaloos and you will most definitely lose items from your pockets.

- leave early. This may sound harsh and counterintuitive – after all, you are having such a great time and want to prolong it as much as you can. However, by leaving early on Sunday afternoon or evening you will avoid sitting in the inevitable traffic jam from hell which can ruin an otherwise perfect festival weekend.


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