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Freeze Dried Food

Freeze-dried light-weight food. Just add boiling water and wait 10 minutes. Freeze dried meals offer the highest calorie content to weight and volume carried, providing backpackers, hikers, climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts a chance to carry the most energy for a given weight. Freeze dried meals are the obvious choice when you want to lower your weight burden and water (or snow) is available along the trail. Being dehydrated, these pouches will never freeze which also makes these nutritious and delicious meals ideal for cold-weather conditions. 

The freeze dried meals have been cooked and then freeze dried, so require you to add water to rehydrate. You can use hot water (quicker) or cold water to re-hydrate these meals. 

Freeze-dried food will typically have a much longer shelf-life than wet, ready-to-eat meals.

Allergen Free Survival & Camping Food List.

For a selection of long life freeze-dried food tins and meals for emergency preparedness, visit our Survival Food section

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