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Vegan & Allergen Free Camping & Survival Food

The tables below display the vegan, vegetarian, halal, gluten- and dairy-free ready-made camping and survival food that we stock. 

Ready to Eat Meal MPNveganvegetarianhalal certifiedgluten free formuladairy free formula
Vegetable Rigatoni pouchK802yesyesnonoyes
Chilli con Carne GF pouchK806nonoyesyesyes
Pasta Bolognese pouchK812nonoyesnono
Yellow Chicken Curry (H) pouchK805nonoyesyesno
AP Vegetable Rigatoni self-heatingK601yesyesno noyes
Chilli con Carne GF self-heatingK609nonoyesyesyes
Chilli sin Carne self-heatingK615yesyesnonoyes
Mexican Casserole self-heatingK614yesyesnonoyes
Chicken Curry (H) self-heatingK608nonoyesnono
Pasta Bolognese self-heatingK619nonononono
Tuna Pasta self-heatingK618nonononoyes
Chicken Curry w Rice self-heatingK616nonononono
AP Meatballs & Pasta self-heatingK600nonononono
AP All Day Breakfast self-heatingK604nonononono
AP Chicken Casserole self-heatingK603nonononono
AP Sausages & Beans self-heatingK602nonononono

Freeze Dried Mealveganvegetarianhalal certifiedgluten free formuladairy free formula
Chicken Fajita with Rice pouchnonoyesyesyes
Chicken Fried Rice pouchnonoyesnoyes
Vegetable Tikka with Ricenoyesyesyesno
Vegetarian Cottage Pie Pouchnoyesnonono
Vegetarian Jambalaya pouchnoyesnoyesno
Beef Stroganoff pouchnononoyesno

Ration Packsveganvegetarianhalal certifiedgluten free formula milk free formula
Self Heating Field Ration 1400kcalyesyesnonoyes
Day Ration Pack M3 2200kcalnoyesnonono
24-Hour Ration Pack M3 4000kcalnoyesnonono
Freeze Dried Ration Pack 3000kcalnoyesnonono
Vegan 24-Hour Ration Pack 4000kcal

Freeze Dried Multi-Mealsveganvegetarianhalal certified gluten free formuladairy free formula
Scrambled Eggs & Cheese tinnoyesnoyesno
Beef Stew with Potato tinnononoyesyes
Chilli con Carne tinnononoyesyes
Vegetable Chilli with Rice tinyesyesyesyesyes
Rice Pudding with Strawberry tinnoyesnoyesno
1 Month Kit freeze dried lactose freenonononoyes
Bean Cassoulet tin
Vegetarian 48-Hour Food Kit
Gluten-Free 6-Tin Food Kitnononoyesno

* The information provided on this page is correct at the time of writing. Manufacturers may change menu composition without notice. Please check the contents list and allergen warning on the product packaging prior to consumption. Some Dairy- and Gluten-free formulas are prepared in factories that handle milk and wheat gluten.

reviewed March 2021