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A list of vegan, vegetarian, halal, gluten- and lactose-free meals that we offer, shown together with some common allergens. For a full allergen list check the individual product pages.

EVAQ8 Product Code / Menu Title



 contains gluten

contains egg

contains milk

contains nuts

contains soya

K201 Freeze Dried (FD) Tin Scrambled Egg with Cheese   yes no  yes yes          no         no
K208 FD Tin Vegetable Chilli with Rice (vegan formula)       yes yes no no no no no
K320 FD Pouch Vegetable Chilli (vegan, halal, GF, DF)       yes yes no no no no no
K210 FD Tin Chicken Fried Rice       yes no no no yes
K321 FD Pouch Chicken Fried Rice       yes no no no yes
K212 FD Tin Vegetable Tikka with Rice (GF, vegetarian)     yes no no yes no no
K322 FD Pouch Vegetable Tikka with Rice (GF, vegetarian, halal)     yes no no yes no no
B949 Ready to Eat Pouch Vegetable Curry (vegan, GF, DF)      yes yes no  no  no           no         yes
K802 Ready to Eat Pouch Spicy Vegetable Rigatoni (vegan formula)      yes yes no  no  no           no         no
K806 Ready to Eat Pouch Chilli con Carne (halal certified, GF, DF)       no no  no no no
K805 Ready to Eat Pouch Yellow Chicken Curry (halal certified)       no no  yes no no
K601 Self-Heating Vegetable Rigatoni Pouch (Vegan)      yes          yes yes no no no no
B722 FD Pouch Vegetarian Cottage Pie (vegan formula)      yes yes no  no  no           no         yes
K702 FD Pouch Beef Stroganoff (GF certified)       no no  yes   yes
K704 FD Pouch Vegetable Jambalaya (GF certified, LF, vegan)      yes yes no  no   no           no         no
K701 FD Pouch Irish Stew (GF certified)         no  no   yes                
K202 FD Tin Morning Oats with Raspberry       yes yes  no   yes           no         no
K203 FD Tin Pasta Bolognaise          yes  no    no           no         no
K204 FD Tin Chicken Tikka with Rice         no  no   yes           no         no
K319 FD Pouch Chicken Fajita with Rice (halal certified)         no  no    no   no         no
K206 FD Tin Beef and Potato Stew         no  no    no   no         no
K207 FD Tin Macaroni Cheese         yes  no   yes   no         no
K209 FD Tin Salmon and Broccoli Pasta         yes  no   yes   no         no
K211 FD Tin Vegetable Fried Rice        yes yes  yes    no   no         no
K213 FD Tin Chilli Con Carne with Rice         no  no    no   no         no
K214 FD Tin Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice         yes  no    no   no         no
K215 FD Tin Rice Pudding with Strawberry       yes no  no    yes   no         no
K216 FD Tin Chocolate Mousse with Granola and Cherry       yes yes  no    yes   no         no
K217 FD Tin Custard Apple Crunch       yes yes  no    yes   no         no
K205 FD Tin Chicken Fajita with Rice       no no  no     no   no         no
R303 Ration-X Self Heating Field Ration Menu C (vegan)     yes yes yes  no               yes
R403 All-Day Ration Pack Wheat Porridge & Vegetable Rigatoni   yes yes trace yes yes         yes

reviewed April 2019

The information provided on this page is correct at the time of writing. Manufacturers may change menu composition without notice. Please check the contents list and allergen warning on the product packaging prior to use.