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High Protection Thermal Blanket

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Mediwrap Adult Thermal Blanket

The product is wind and water resistant on the outside and highly absorbent on the inside. Each blanket can absorb over ten times its own weight of bodily fluids, leaving the patient warm and dry. The material acts as a total barrier to bacteria, protecting staff and patients from cross infection. It has been proven to be radiolucent, so that x-ray images are unaffected, even if taken through two layers of Mediwrap. The textile is produced from a high bulk, air-laid tissue laminated to a heat reflective material by means of a unique, non-toxic, non-latex bonding process. The Mediwrap High Protection Blanket is used with the soft tissue side to the patient and does not need to be used in conjunction with any other blanket or material.


  • highly visible
  • soft and comfortable on the inside
  • wind and waterproof on the outside
  • highly thermally retentive
  • compact, lightweight and convenient to store
  • size: 200cm x 120cm
  • weight: 200g

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