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Kelly Kettle Cook Set Large

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Large Cook Set for Base Camp or Scout Models

Use this cook set with your large- or medium-sized Kelly Kettle. The Kelly Kettles will boil water anywhere for hot drinks, hydrating food, purifying water or personal hygiene. This stainless steel cook set (0.85 ltr pot) will enable you to use your Kelly Kettle as a portable cooker eliminating the need to carry any fuel on your trips. Cost-Free, Carbon Neutral, Eco-Friendly cooking! The set fits neatly inside the kettle base for transport.

The cook set can be used in two ways:

1. When the water boils, remove the kettle from fire base and place Grill Pieces (2 no.) onto the fire-base. Then simply place your Pot/Pan on the Grill pieces for cooking, adding additional fuel to the fire base as required. Fuel can be inserted through the air hole in the side of the base.

2. Using our Pot Support certain foods can be cooked quickly over the chimney of the Kelly/Volcano Kettle as it boils thus ensuring maximum fuel and time efficiency. Note: as the heat is intense, you will need to stir your food regularly.

contents fit inside your kettle

  • stainless steel pot
  • frying pan (pot lid)
  • 2 piece grill
  • gripper handle (all Stainless steel)
  • suitable for both the Scout and Base Camp models
  • Note: Does not include the Pot Support

During transport, this Cook Set stores neatly inside the base of your Kelly Kettle ensuring maximum space saving.


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