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Midge Proof Mosquito Bell Net With Hanging Kit

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Fine mesh mosquito/midge net 

A non-impregnated mosquito net is suitable for use in the home, trips within Europe and to destinations that do not pose a malaria risk as mosquitoes may land on or bite through it. Non-impregnated nets are also suitable for babies and young children. 

Midges (very small insects) are common in northern countries such as Scandinavia, Scotland and Canada. The Mosquito Net Midge Proof Bell is fine-meshed and especially suitable for providing protection against insects that are so small in size. The mesh size of a midge proof net is 900. Due to the large number of holes per square inch (2.54 cm), the air flow in this net is lower compared to other bed nets. A midge-proof net is therefore not suitable for (sub) tropical destinations as users can feel stifled. Thanks to the green colour you can look through the net with ease.
This non-impregnated net, suitable for 2 persons, is bell-shaped and has one attachment point. It has a stable form thanks to the built-in flexible ring in the peak. The supplied attachment kit, consisting of string, attachment hooks, nails, and safety pins, makes any mosquito net easy to hang up. Above the bed, install an attachment point or span a horizontal wire to which the net can be attached. Want to see how to hang up the Care Plus® mosquito net? Visit youtube.com/careplusnl


  • weight: 625 grams
  • dimensions of pack: 8 x 21 x 33 cm
  • maximum diameter (approx): 3m
  • total height: 2.45m 
  • color: Green
  • mesh: 900
  • fiber thickness (denier): 40
  • suitable for 2 persons
  • fine meshed non-impregnated net for use in northern countries
  • protection against very small insects (midges)
  • manufactured in accordance with WHO guidelines
  • packaging dimensions: 23 x 23 x 10 cm 


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