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Pocket Survival Kit in Waterproof Plastic Case

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A light-weight and water-tight plastic survival box with lanyard full of the most commonly recommended survival tools. 

Survival experts recommend to always keep a pocket survival kit on your body as you will want these items to hand in case you are separated from your backpack. Consider adding a few personalized first aid items or mini medical kit to complement this essential survival kit. Survival kit external dimensions: 12cm x 10cm x 4cm. Weight: 200g


• button compass
• flint and steel (fire stick)
• hacksaw blade
• striker
• waterproof matches
• first aid plasters
• pencil
• fishing line inc hooks/ weights
• sewing kit
• signal mirror (on back of lid)
• safety pins
• water carrier
• salt sachet
• razor blade
• emergency whistle
• cotton wool
• vinyl tape
• folding knife
• candle


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