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Protective Goggles To EN 166.1.B.3.4.9 Liquid + Dust

Protective Goggles To EN 166.1.B.3.4.9 Liquid + Dust
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Liquid Dust Molten Metal Anti-Mist Goggle

Large profile body for a good protective comfortable fit. Impact goggle with in-direct venting and a wide vision area made from soft PVC. Quick fitting tip; if you adjust the elastic band to the minimum size and it is still too long, simply tie a knot in the middle of the band to make it even smaller.


Anti-Mist Protective Goggles Feature

  • protects against liquid, dust and molten metal
  • in-direct vent
  • conforms to EN166.1.B.3.4.9.

In use, ensure that the eye protector fits comfortably over the eyes. When not in use or during transport, the eye protector should be stored in a container such that it is out of direct sunlight and away from chemicals or abrasive substances and cannot be damaged by physical contact with hard surfaces/items. To clean/disinfect, rinse in a 1% solution of mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth.

Correctly used, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) reduces the possibility of infection.  Hand hygiene measures should be used in addition to the use of PPE.  Protective equipment should be worn and removed in the correct order.  Please note that during and after use the external surfaces of protective equipment are considered potentially contaminated.  Never touch your eyes, nose, mouth or face, with potentially contaminated, unclean or gloved hands: you risk infecting yourself.

Note: The current standard for safety spectacles, goggles, and face shields is EN 166. The standard has different sub-classes, listed below, so the description may be complex (e.g. a gas safety goggle conforms to BS EN 166.1.B.3.4.9).

a) 1 or 2 describes the optical class
b) 3 protects against liquid droplets/splashes
c) 4 protects against large dust particles
d) 5 protects against gas and fine dust particles
e) 9 protects against molten metals and hot solids
f) B protects against medium energy impact
g) F protects against low energy impact.


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