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Places-of-Worship Emergency Preparedness

Normally, places of worship are safe.

Tragically, ‘normal’ can change as the 26 July 2016 attack on Normandy, St.-Étienne-du-Rouvray, France and the 19 June 2017 London Finsbury Park attack show.

In both instances the Home Office reacted swiftly



The UK Gov Security Funding Scheme has now passed (29May17) and an outcome statement is expected in August. Future funding may become available.

While certainly a step in the right direction, sadly this was limited to securing property only. Coming from (hate) crime prevention thinking, this is not surprising. Will CCTV cameras and better locks really prevent more tragedies? Crime is not terrorism and terrorism is not crime. While there are paralells, a more robust approach is to look at what counter terrorism experts advise.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) has issued guidance for Places of Worship (2009)  and new guidance for Crowded Places (2017) which is also relevant.

Part of this official guidance recommends places of worship to have an Emergency Grab Bag (Crowded Places page 151, 156 | Places of Worship page 28), asking specifically

"Have you prepared a 'grab bag' ?" Q4 appendix I  on Business Continuity, Places of Worship guidance (2009)

"Do you have nominated evacuation / invacuation marshals?" Q4 apprix H on Evacuation, Places of Worship guidance (2009)

"Crisis Response Kit checklist" p 156, Crowded Places guidance  (2017)


Preparedness beyond Health and Safety / Security 

safe evacuation - secure lockdown 

Based on NaCTSO recommendation and following customer enquiries, we have specifically designed a so called 'Grab Bag for Places of Worship'.

Like all our Emergency Kits, this standard kit is customisable should you so wish. Simply contact us with your particular requirements. The other featured emergency kits may also be of interest in this context. Please use the top navigation to browse the full catalogue and also visit bespoke emergency kits. Feel free to contact us with any of your enquiries. Our friendly and knowledgable team is always happy to help.


NaCTSO guidance for places of worship
Emergency Grab Bag for Places of Worship | product code C961 EVAQ8.co.uk the UKs Emergency Preparedness SpecialistGrab Bag for Places of Worship
 Crisis Management resources including a  First Aid Kit to British Standard BS 8599; 
customisable, contact us.
Business Grab Bag | product code C262 EVAQ8.co.uk the UK's Emergency Preparedness SpecialistGrab Bag for Business
Suitable for offices and small business units, this Grab Bag for Business contains all the items currently recommended by authorities to aid in the safe evacuation of staff and guests for contingency planning. Customisable, customisable, contact us.
Contingency Kit Workplace Up To 20 Persons | product code E264 EVAQ8 the UK's Emergency Preparedness SpecialistContingency Kit < 20 persons | Contingency Kit < 40 persons
A Shelter-in-Place or also so called 'invacuation' kit for up to 20 or 40 persons; customisable, contact us.
Site Evacuation Kit 100 Persons | product code C266 EVAQ8.co.uk the UK's Emergency Preparedness SpecialistSite Evacuation Kit 100 persons
Full resources for the safe evacuation for up to 100 persons; customisable, contact us.

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What are “invacuation”, “lock-down” and “shelter-in-place”? and Community Resilience: Aid versus Preparedness which talks about potential future roles of places of worship in building capacities and capabilities for community resilience.

Independent Review of London's Preparedness to respond to a major terrorist incident (Oct 2016)