The PMR 446 two-way radios (private moblie radio - 446 MHz) featured in this section are license-free walkie-talkies for business and personal use (in most countries of the European Union). They work well in survival situations or in the aftermath of a disaster. Typical means of communication (mobile phones, landline telephone and internet) are likely to be disrupted in emergencies. These radios will keep on working. Perfect for emergency preparedness - when the battery packs are exhausted - simply load them with standard AAA batteries.

Cobra Waterproof PMR Radios Twin Set Midland G9E Rugged Professional Style Transceiver Radio Midland ER300 Multi Function Emergency Radio Wind-Up Radio with Solar Panel
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Product code: C647
Product code: C717
Product code: C719
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Waterproof Wind Up Radio
Product code: B147
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