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Glowing review - 5 star rating for Ration-X !



Taking decent food to a weekender or dedicated Mil-Sim event is essential. Sure, many will provide on-site burger vans but trust us, trying to survive the weekend on “meat of mixed origins” from the hatch of a greasy wagon isn’t the greatest way to keep you active and energetic for any period of time. Too many burgers, hot dogs and chocolate bars will have you feeling sluggish and unenthusiastic in no-time and that’s without even considering those with any special dietary requirements.

Taking a supply of ready to eat packed meals is a much better solution for keeping your stomach happy and your head in the game and we stumbled across the fantastic supplier, evaq8.co.uk for our fill. All the meals are military inspired, packed in re-sealable, water-tight zip-lock bags and everything inside is sealed up again for preservation and hygiene.

Ranging from just £9.95 for a compact “Go Meal” to just under £24 for a complete 24 hour pack the Ration-X range from evaq8.co.uk is well priced and surprisingly tasty option to stuff in your back pack.

We were impressed with the range of menus and also the lightning fast delivery and won’t be hitting the road in the future without hitting up the site first!

Airsoft International Magazine, autumn 2012 

[re-published with permission]   Ration-X

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   ration-x self-heating field ration menu a
Ration-X Self-Heating Field Ration Menu A