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Single Use Manual Suction Pump

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Manual suction unit - single use

Introducing the EVAC-S - a completely single use, manual, hand-held suction device ideal for:

  • resus trollies
  • emergency grab bags
  • military
  • maritime
  • mountain rescue
  • accident & Emergency departments
  • emergency services
  • midwifery

When used with the adult catheter the EVAC-S can generate a maximum vacuum of up to 500mmHg. It also has a 100 degree swivel action to allow the user better accessibility whilst working in difficult situations. EVAC-S is supplied with two catheters; an adult 9mm (I/D) catheter and a 10fg paediatric catheter. Simply connect the catheter of your choice and the product is ready to use.

There is no risk of contamination as the entire unit is single use, making the EVAC-S an infection control friendly product. Competitively priced, with no cleaning required the EVAC-S devices are both time and cost-effective compared to semi-reusable suction units.

Equipped with one way valves either side of the canister cap and featuring an overflow protection mechanism, which engages once the canister is full. This prevents leakage or spillage from the canister. EVAC-S is supplied in a self-seal polybag with a two ply label. After use the device can be placed back into the polybag, resealed and the product label can be peeled to reveal a biohazard warning label. The lightweight and compact design allows for easy portability, making it convenient to carry and store.


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