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Always carry a small complement of essential Travel First Aid in your personal carry on to deal with minor incidents during your journey. Larger kits containing sharp items need to be carried in your check-in luggage. Check individual airline restrictions before departing or NIDirect (UK), TSA  (US) websites for information on dangerous and restricted goods for air travel. Additional product listings are also in First Aid> Travel First Aid Kits

Rehydration Electrolyte Powder Sachet Pack of 12 Waterproof Outdoor First Aid Kit Foreign Travel First Aid Kit Sterile Department of Health Compliant Overseas Travel Medical First Aid Kit Professional Sterile Disposables
Product code: P751
Product code: T500
Product code: T850
Product code: G285
£5.83 (ex VAT)
£6.99 (inc VAT)
£23.95 (ex VAT)
£28.74 (inc VAT)
£20.00 (ex VAT)
£24.00 (inc VAT)
£15.05 (ex VAT)
£18.06 (inc VAT)
Dental Emergency First Aid Kit For Travel Compact Burns Kit for Emergency Burn Care
Product code: T420
Product code: T110
£12.90 (ex VAT)
£15.48 (inc VAT)
£10.15 (ex VAT)
£12.18 (inc VAT)