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Water Jel Fire Blanket Plus 182cm x 152cm in Orange Canister

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5' X 6' Water-Jel Blanket-Plus (Canister) for burns first aid

A full-size blanket that adequately covers a burn patient and can be used to extinguish flames and smoldering clothes or dangerous white phosphorous. Directions for use clearly defined on the canister. The durable, easily identifiable orange canister protects the blanket from outside elements. The plastic container comes with a built-in handle for your convenience. Directions for use clearly defined on canister label.

In a burn emergency, every second is critical. By saving precious time, you could be savinga life. Water-Jel Fire Blankets are 100% worsted wool, with an intercellular weave capable of absorbing up to 13 times it own weight of the scientifically formulated cooling gel in which it is soaked. This biodegradable, bacteriostatic and water-soluble gel immediately upon contact, begins to extinguish the flame, cool the burn and help stop burn progression and pain. It stabilizes the patient and helps prepare for transport to a burn center or emergency room.


  • Blanket Dimensions: 6' x 5' (182.8 x 152.4 cm)

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