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Aquabrick Water Filtration System 2500 Litres

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Needs no power to operate

The AquaBrick is perfect for emergency preparedness, outdoor adventure and humanitarian aid. Each AquaBrick water storage container providing one person with enough water for 72 hours. A simple bulb hand pump pressurizes the AquaBrick container causing the water to flow through the filter and easily dispense through the special spout. It’s great to have your purified water on hand, in case of emergency and also be able to filter water when you need it. The AquaBrick Water Filters are  perfect for emergency preparedness, camping, boating, hunting and all outdoor activities.

system contents

  • 2 x Aquabrick Water / Food Storage Containers each with watertight caps (Capacity of each Aquabrick is 11.35 ltrs / 3 Gallons)
  • 1 x Sagan Duraflow Filter (certified to end-of-life) and quick-connect hose
  • 1 x Bulb Hand Pump and quick-connect hose to pressurise the system
  • 1 x Dispensing quick-connect hose and Tap
  • 1 x Long quick-connect Hose for simply emptying an Aquabrick of its liquid contents
  • 1 x Aquabrick Cap with attachment points for the Pump, Filter & Dispensing hose
  • 1 x Plastic Tray / Funnell to assist when filling the Aquabricks with food etc

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