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Exped Weatherproof Zipper Pouch A5

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All-purpose A5 organiser with zipper access

The Exped Vista Organiser Zipper Pouch in A5 size is a weatherproof and transparent organiser with zipper access. This ultralight pouch is ideal to keep items such as medication, maps, passports, or utensils like pens and toiletries, allowing you to keep your contents dry, dust free and organised. The Exped Vista Organiser can be easily accessed via smooth operating weatherproof zipper and secured via clip-hook and durable Hypalon tab to your pack or case.


  • Easy access through weatherproof zipper
  • Hypalon tabs allow for multiple attachments
  • Water repellent TPU mesh film laminate outer
  • Taped seams
  • Attachment hook
  • Five year guarantee
  • Swiss design
  • Dimensions: 29 x 17x 5 cm (fits format DIN A5)
  • Weight: 42g

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