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International Travel Emergency & Survival Kit

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Includes Sterile Medical Kit

Essential for private and business travellers to developing nations. This Travel Emergency Kit includes a sterile medical kit as well as numerous safety and survival items. The compact size makes it easy to tuck away in your travel luggage. This kit is ideal for those embarking on international assignments in remote locations or for those who travel to developing countries frequently.

This sterile medical disposables are packed in a removable first aid section that can be handed to a medical professional, if the need arises, when the sterility of the medical disposables cannot be guaranteed.


  • wind-up radio
  • mini LED torch
  • emergency battery-powered mobile-phone charger
  • set of AA batteries for charger
  • safety and rescue whistle
  • emergency light stick
  • spring loaded glass breaking hammer and seat belt cutter
  • DEET anti-mosquito mini spray 
  • natural anti-insect mini spray
  • insect bite relief mini spray
  • sun screen SPF30 mini spray
  • after-sun relief mini spray
  • water purification tablets (50)
  • rehydration electrolyte salt sachets (4)
  • emergency foil blanket
  • triangular bandage
  • blunt bandage scissors

included in removable first aid pouch

  • 2 sterile syringe 1ml
  • 2 sterile syringe 2ml
  • 2 sterile syringe 5ml
  • 3 sterile needle blue 23g - 1"
  • 3 hypodermic needle 21g -1.5"
  • 3 hypodermic needle orange 25g - 5/8"
  • IV cannula green 18g x 45mm
  • 2 skin closure strips 6mm x 75mm (3)
  • 2 non adherent dressing pad 5cm x 5cm
  • 2 non adherent dressing pad 10cm x 10cm
  • micro-porous tape 2.5cm x 10m
  • disposable powder free vinyl gloves
  • 20 assorted wash proof plasters
  • 2 blood lancets GP 23g
  • 1 pack sutures 3-0 singles
  • 1 giving set Luer Vent 185cm
  • 4 skin preparation swabs - Alcohol

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