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The unique Irish Kelly Kettle has made boiling water outdoors easy, even in extreme weather conditions with any fuel you can find (use sticks, leaves, pine cones, etc). Perfect for wilderness survival kits, emergency preparedness, camping, fishing, trekking and exploring! 

 KElly Kettle Boil Cook Survive

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B672 Kelly Kettle Complete Kit 1.2l Stainless
  • £102.00 (ex VAT)
  • £122.40 (inc VAT)
B671 Kelly Kettle Complete Kit 1.6l Stainless
  • £105.00 (ex VAT)
  • £126.00 (inc VAT)
B668 Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Cup Set
  • £15.50 (ex VAT)
  • £18.60 (inc VAT)
B669 Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove Large
  • £10.30 (ex VAT)
  • £12.36 (inc VAT)
B667 Kelly Kettle Pot Support
  • £5.80 (ex VAT)
  • £6.96 (inc VAT)
B664 Kelly Kettle Cook Set Large Only 8 left in stock
  • £13.80 (ex VAT)
  • £16.56 (inc VAT)
B662 Kelly Kettle Scout Outdoor Natural Fuel Kettle 1.2l Only 10 left in stock
  • £56.00 (ex VAT)
  • £67.20 (inc VAT)
B661 Kelly Kettle Base Camp 1.6l Multi Fuel Kettle Only 8 left in stock
  • £59.00 (ex VAT)
  • £70.80 (inc VAT)