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SOLO Fire Starting Survival Kit

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Fire Starting Without Matches

Our aim was to create a survival kit with an emergency combustion device, tinder and fuel that can be counted on to start a fire in adverse weather. The primary component in any matchless fire starting kit is the ferrocerium rod. But let's face it, not all ferrocerium rods are created equal. Many kits use inferior, tiny rods of questionable alloys that won't spark easily. We've chosen a large, high-quality ferro rod as a base for our fire starting survival kit. We've done away with the usual thin metal stiker and matched our rod with a solidly-built multi-tool that you can easily hold with cold, numb fingers! Of course, you also have the bonus of a can opener, bottle opener, saw and cutting blade within the multi-tool. You can use the rod and striker to start a fire with the fuel and tinder included in the kit, or to simply spark-start your gas stove (or barbeque) in wet conditions. 

Designed with tinder and fuel that you can easily replenish with a visit to any chemist; keep refilling with cotton balls and vaseline and this kit will last for years and start thousands of fires, even in the wet. 

Kit weight: 136g

Kit dimensions: 11cm x 9cm x 3cm


  • large ferrocerium rod - creates sparks when struck with metal, can produce up to 3000 strikes 
  • credit card multi-tool - use cutting edge as a striker, saw, ruler, screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener...
  • storage tin with reflective sticker - measures 11cm x 9cm x 3cm
  • instruction card for the fire starting kit
  • button compass - pressurised, oil-filled back-up survival compass
  • 4 large cotton balls - use as tinder, can be split to last longer
  • waterproof bag for tinder - keeps your tinder dry
  • 5g petroleum jelly - apply to tinder to extend life and to waterproof
  • tea candle - light to stretch your tinder, or break up and use as fuel
  • wide silicone band - to secure the lid of your survival tin during transport

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