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Venimex Venom Sting & Bite Extractor Pump

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Care Plus Venom Sting & Bite Extractor Pump

The Care Plus Venimex venom extractor is a vacuum pump to extract the venom from poisonous bites and stings. The unique thing about this extractor is that it can be operated with one hand, also on difficult to reach spots. The suction power of the Care Plus Venimex is 803 mbar (when the small suction cap is used). The Care Plus Venimex venom extractor exists of:

    • Venom extractor
    • 2 suction caps
    • Extensive yet easy instructions

Bites from insects and other vermin may result in itching, redness and swelling. In some cases, a bite or sting may cause allergic reactions (bees and wasps for example) or even have serious consequences (snake bites for example). Adequate and quick treatment is therefore necessary. Care Plus® Venimex is an automatic venom extractor which enables you to remove the venom of poisonous bites (spiders, snakes) and stings (bees, wasps, scorpions, sting-fish) easily. This prevents the poison spread¬ing through the body. Care Plus® Venimex can be used without the help of another person and for anyone with a bite or sting. Suitable for all ages. The Venimex Pump should be part of your First Aid equipment for bites and stings. 

How to use Care Plus® Venimex

Watch the 'How-To' video (external link to YouTube, opens in a new window)

Whatever the type of poisonous sting or bite, it is essential to stay calm: agitation speeds up the poison’s circulation in the blood and may make
the use of Care Plus® Venimex ineffectual.

For insect stings (wasps, bees, etc.) or spider bites:
Use Care Plus® Venimex with the nozzle in position over the site. For non-flat surfaces of the body (such as the knee) and for the finger, use
the small nozzle. If bitten or stung on the fingers, use the small nozzle, attaching the wider end to the pump. First, place the suction cap over the skin then let the Venimex extractor pump unlock for about 1 minute. For bee stings, apply Care Plus® Venimex without removing the stinger from the site.

For snake bites or weever stings:
Immediately call the paramedics. Position the smallest nozzle and apply Care Plus® Venimex as above for 3 to 5 minutes, while waiting for help to arrive.

To remove Care Plus® Venimex from the skin:
To remove Care Plus® Venimex, tilt the pump until air flows into the nozzle, then clean the wound with antiseptic

To store Care Plus® Venimex:
1. Place your thumb and index on the two notched tabs.Push the inner tube in as far as it will go.
2. Press the two notched tabs to lock them onto the inner tube. Release the device.
3. Clean the nozzle used with soapy water or with an antiseptic wipe. Do not immerse the pump in the water.
    Store in a dry place at ambient temperature. 

Care Plus® Venimex is patented and has been tested by the Laboratoire National d’Essais Français.

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