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Yetis's ambition has always been to create the best sleeping bag. Yeti sleeping bags are surprisingly light compared to the warmth they offer. All Yeti products are durable yet light, warm yet non-constricting, functional yet fashionable.

All Yeti sleeping bags are tested according to the EN 13537 standard, which defines the temperature by which you are guaranteed a full nights comfortable sleep without waking up from being cold.

Definition of Comfort, Limit and Extreme in EN13537 Standard for Sleeping Bags 
Comfort Limit Extreme

This temperature defines the maximum at which a man can sleep without sweating intensively defined with the ventilation zippers open, arms outside the bag and the hood open. It is also the lower limit for the average woman and according to EN 13537 this value is 5º C higher than for a standard man

This temperature defines the lowest temperature at which a person has a good nights sleep without waking from being cold. It is also the lower limit for the average man. This temperature indicates the lower limit for risk of health damage and is the lowest temperature at which the sleeping bag protects the user from hypothermia.

Ethical Down Code – Respect for nature since 1983

For years Yeti has been working to ensure optimal conditions for its most precious component. Down is a natural product which requires knowledge and care throughout the entire value chain from the egg to the finished down product.

The Yeti Ethical Down Code ensure the birds welfare. There is a constant focus to keep developing and increasing standards – Yeti has a “zero tolerance policy”. And all according to the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA).

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