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Sleeping Bags

Down Insulation: Down is the finest insulation material known. Down insulated sleeping bags keep you warm yet they are surpisingly light and can be packed down to extremely small size. When tiny pack-size and low weight are a priority, i.e. when you have to carry your sleeping bag on your back, choose from our down range of down sleeping bags. These will be less than half the weight of a comparable synthetic bag. All Yeti bags are EN 13537 rated, which standardises the temperature ratings on sleeping bags.

Synthetic Insulation: Synthetics provide a lower-cost alternative to down insulation. These sleeping bags typically deliver the same warmth as down at a much larger pack-size and higher bag weight. However, synthetics will retain their insulation even when damp. Choose from our range of Snugpak synthetic sleeping bags when cost saving, not weight and pack size, is your priority. Synthetic insulation can be the only alternative if your bag is likely to get really wet.

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