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Survival Kit List

What goes into a well designed Survival Kit?

A well prepared survival kit is invaluable for any emergency situation. While most survival kits are specifically intended for outdoor survival situations some are primarily designed for urban situations (Go Bags and Preparedness Kits). Many items in your outdoor survival kit list will overlap with your urban survival kit and vice versa. But there are priorities depending on your most likely scenarios. Consider weight, space and other situational priorities when making your choices. Remember to carry high quality items that you know you can depend on in a real emergency or disaster situation.

GoBag 4 Person Emergency Kit in Plain Rucksack

Your Essential Survival Kit Checklist:

Urban Survival Kit - Shelter
Shelter Options for Urban Survival Kits:

Shelter is vital in emergency situations. For outdoor shelter, consider including one or more of the following: a lightweight tent, a bothy bag (a temporary shelter resembling a tent), a waterproof tarp, an all-weather blanket, or a bivi bag (a compact waterproof survival bag). 

Additionally, sleeping bags, foil blankets, and ponchos are versatile and can be handy in both outdoor and urban settings

  • Bivi Bag - a compact waterproof survival bag 
  • Bothy Bag - tent-like temporary shelter 
  • Foil Blanket - heat-reflecting and waterproof
  • Tarp - use as a ground-sheet, canopy, blanket
  • Sleeping Bag - if you have the space
  • Tent - if space allows      

Survival Tools - Survival Kit List - evaQ8.co.uk passionate about Emergency Preparedness

Must-Have Survival Tools

  • Multi-Tool - A versatile tool for cutting, sawing, and making repairs.
  • Knife - A sharp, reliable blade.
  • Saw - Ideal for cutting wood and plastics.
  • Crowbar - Useful for prying open jammed doors and windows, especially after an earthquaqe or similar.
  • Axe - Essential for chopping wood.
  • Mini Shovel - Handy for digging and constructing shelters.
Urban Survival Kit - FOOD - Surviva Kit List - evaQ8.co.uk

Sustenance - Food Suppliesadd enough long-life, ready-to-eat food for each person to last a minimum of three days; ideally up to seven to ten days. You can store canned food, long life processed meals or specialist emergency survival rations (also see Food for Survival)

  • MREs - sealed ready to eat meals
  • Survival Rations - long life survival biscuits
  • Energy Tablets - sweets or dextrose tabs
  • Ration Heaters - instantly heat your mre
Fire Starting - Survival Kit List - evaQ8.co.ukfire starting
  • Matches - weather-proof type to light tinder
  • Lighter - a windproof version for outdoors
  • Tinder - to help you start a fire in all conditions
  • Candles - start a fire or use as a light source
  • Flint - and striker for sparks in any weather
Survival Kit List - Water - evaQ8.co.uk passionate about Emergency Preparedness

Water Necessities: Have drinking water ready for immediate access, at least 1.5 litres per adult per day. Even when sheltering indoors the water mains could become disrupted. This can be in the form of standard water bottles or long-life emergency water rations.

  • Water Purification Tablets to treat suspect water
  • Purification Straw will purify water from streams 
  • Filtration Bottle treat almost any water
  • Water Storage - a bottle, bag or camp shower
  • Water - carry for immediate use

Illumination Tools:  a good torch that uses LEDs instead of a bulb is best for most emergency situations. A head-torch will provide personal light while leaving your hands free to complete your tasks. Don't forget spare batteries or choose wind-up technology.

  • Head Torch - for hands-free activity
  • Hand Torch - lighting and signalling
  • Light Sticks - single use safety glow sticks
  • Backup Torch - a micro torch or pen torch
Heating + Cooking - Survival Kit List - evaQ8.co.uk
heating cooking

Heating and Cooking Supplies:

  • Hexi Stove - solid fuel micro stove & tablets
  • Mess Tins - cook and heat water on campfire
  • Aluminium Foil - for the minimalist
  • Can Opener - always useful
  • Spoon - multi-use implement
  • Fuel - depending on your stove choice
  • Solid Fuel Kettle - when space allows
first aid

First Aid and Health: The type and extent of the first aid kit you pack is dependent on your level of proficiency and training. A universal first aid kit with the addition of burns dressings should suffice for basic purposes.

  • First Aid Kit - treat injuries and ailments
  • SAM Splint - immobilise limbs, improvised tool 
  • Burns Dressings - soothes and protects burns
  • Suction Pump - removes venom from stings
  • Haemostatic Powder - to stop dangerous bleeding
  • Wound Closures - adhesive plasters for wounds
  • Insect Protection - repellent, covers & relief 
  • Sun Protection - sun screen
Repair - Survival Tools - Survival Kit List - evaQ8.co.uk

Repair and Maintenance:

  • Duct Tape - or gaffa; fixes (almost) anything
  • Cable Ties - use to bind and repair
  • Utility Cord - nylon paracord or general purpose 
  • Fishing Line - for fishing and repair
  • Brass or Steel Wire - snares and repairs
  • Sewing Needle - and thread
power - batteries and chargers - Survival Kit List - evaQ8.co.ukhttps://evaq8.co.uk/Batteries.html

Power Sources:

  • Batteries - AA or AAA alkaline batteries 
  • Lithium Batteries - AA size for extreme cold
  • Emergency Charger - for mobile phones
  • Solar Charger - charge batteries or devices directly 

Signalling - Survival Kit List - Urban Survival - evaQ8.co.uk passionate about Emergency Preparedness

signalling  navigation

Signaling and Navigation:

  • Compass - for navigation
  • Beacon - flashing waterproof light for signalling
  • Whistle - pea-less design that doesn't freeze
  • Mirror - specialized signal mirror or camping mirror
  • Orange Blanket - warmth and signalling
  • Satellite Comms Device - tracker or sat phone

Communication Tools:

  • Radio - listen to broadcasts during power cuts 
  • Walkie-Talkie - independent communication 
  • Satellite Phone - voice, message and location