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What is a Winter Car Kit

What goes in your Winter Car Kit?

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Your vehicle should contain a car emergency kit irrespective of how often, when or where you drive. If you use your car during the winter months then you need additional winter safety supplies. Sudden cold snaps bring snow and freezing temperatures which might make it a challenge to get your vehicle moving. You might face long delays which can be particularly unpleasant if you find yourself stuck on a motorway in freezing conditions. During winter, weather conditions can be highly unpredictable and often change rapidly in a matter of hours, sometimes less. Being well informed ahead of time and staying updated on weather and traffic news is vital.

Having the right supplies in your winter car kit in addition to your regular car emergency kit helps you to stay safe, warm and well equipped to deal with any winter driving situation. Do a full winter safety check before setting out. Cover the following aspects for winter driving to put together a quality winter car kit.

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Winter tools for your winter car kit

Essentials*Good to have
  • folding shovel
  • ice scraper and de-icer
  • jump start cables
  • snow traction mat / snow treads
  • tow rope
  • jump start battery power pack
  • snow chains
  • flashing warning beacon

Safety items for your winter car kit

EssentialsGood to have
  • high visibility vest
  • thermal blanket, foil blanket
  • safety whistle
  • work gloves
  • torch (windup), light sticks
  • first aid kit
  • emergency phone charger & batteries
  • compact sleeping bag
  • disinfectant wipes, handrub
  • guardian personal beacon
  • head torch
  • personal alarm
  • waterproof documents pouch
  • spare batteries

Comfort items for your winter car kit

EssentialsGood to have
  • long life food and water ration
  • emergency food
  • instant hand warmers
  • rubbish bags
  • self-heating food, disposable cutlery
  • self-heating drinks
  • non electronic entertainment
  • Travel John

Heading to snowy places abroad? Check the law!

You must keep a shovel in the boot of your car in countries such as Croatia and Sweden. Also winter tyres or snow chains are legally required in most northern, eastern and Alpine regions depending on road conditions or the month of travel.



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