Orders completed by noon on weekdays are despatched the same day

Purchase Orders

EVAQ8 is an established supplier to the NHS, Local Authorities and Government Departments 

In addition, we accept purchase orders from: schools, colleges, universities, museums, PLCs and major charities

You don't need to open an account. Simply send a copy of your official Purchase Order form including your full address and contact details and we will process, ship and invoice you on 30-day terms. Please send a pdf (or scanned) copy of your official P.O. form as an e-mail attachment to: sales@evaq8.co.uk

Due to specific shipping and tracking requirements, all Purchase Orders with a value under £100  will incur our standard UK shipping charge of £5.96+VAT. Please ensure you reflect this charge on your PO form.

Vendor Forms: If you need to add us as a supplier please send your forms, or request our prepared details by email as above.