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Personal preparedness matters! 

This is your gateway to FREE emergency preparedness info and resources. If you run your own business also check out Business Preparedness

Disaster can strike with little or no warning.

It may force you to evacuate your home, work or study place or it may confine you. Basic services such as electricity, water, gas, telephone or the internet may be cut off for extended periods of time. Emergency services will respond but they cannot reach everyone right away. No one can predict what will happen.
It pays to be ready and better prepared:  Emergency Preparedness UK video

Recent disasters around the world and close to home highlight that you may need to be self-sufficient anywhere from three to ten days or more (read blog what you must plan and prepare for). 

What the right level of Emergency Preparedness is for you only you know. However, what may be adequate at one stage in your life may not be sufficient when your situation changes so keep your plan and kit updated.

Most important:  you can cope by making a Personal Emergency Plan

Knowing what to do and where to go, being equipped and prepared is your best protection for any real emergency or disaster.

Forming wider networks of skills and resources with extended family, friends and neighbours is also important. No one is ever alone in a major incident. Only by giving and receiving help can people cope with disaster events.

Making your Personal Emergency Plan is easy!

At first, it might seem daunting but preparing your personal emergency plan is actually quite straight forward and easy. You will be plesantly surprised at how much you already have, how much you already know. 

Download our FREE PDF guide to Emergency Preparedness. Follow the easy checklists and useful templates which you can customize to your on personal needs. Maintain, practise and update your plan at least twice a year. Create your own maps, resources & important documents checklists based on resources: 

  1. Risk Assessment, Evacuation plan + Shelter-in-place plan (PDF)
  2. Stock Emergency Supplies:  Go Bag list + Disaster Survival Kit list
  3. Communications Plan (see template PDF)

And while you're here, check out our Resilience BLOG where we talk in depth about Resilience, Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, drop by our cozy virtual library or check out EVAQ8 kits inthe world. Need inspiration and motivation? Visit Preparedness & Resilience Quotes and don't miss our cartoons!  On the practical side, we also have a resources directory Ready for Emergencies you may find useful and more information specifically on Business Preparedness,  Emergency Preparedness for Schools and Preparedness for Places of Worship

What emergency?

The list of disasters that have affected the United Kingdom in the past is surprisingly long and includes: disease, storms, tornados, severe flooding, earthquake, tsunami, extreme cold with avalanches and blizzards as well as heat waves (see Wiki's Disasters List).

In addition to the 'regular ' Fire Safety/Fire Preparedness, consider the following scenario’s for your Personal Emergency Plan. The following is is a simplified classification after CRED the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters. More info on Hazards on Prevention Web (UNISDR)

Meteorological Hazards - Severe Weater - Climate ChangeMeteorological + Climatological Hazards |  Severe Weather  |  Climate Change
Storm and How to prepare for a Storm
Severe Winter and How to prepare for a Severe Winter
Heatwave and How to prepare for a Heatwave
Hydrological Hazards | Flooding | Wave Action | Storm SurgesHydrological Hazards | Flooding | Wave Action | Storm + Tidal Surges | Tsunami
Flooding and How to prepare for Flooding

Biological Hazards| Epidemic | Animal accidents /infestations

Biological Hazards | Disease | Epidemic | Chemical Hazards
Pandemic and How to prepare for infectious Disease Outbreak
Chemical Spill and How to prepare for Chemical Spills
Mosquitoes – Harmless Nuisance or Threat in the UK?
Tick Alert - How to avoid Lyme Disease and TBE

Geophysical | Earthquake | Landslide | VolcanoGeophysical Hazards | Earthquake | Landslide | Volcano
Earthquake and How to prepare for an Earthquake
Volcano and How to prepare for  the wider impacts of volcanic activity
Extra-terrestrial | Impact | Space Weather

Extra-terrestrial Hazards | Space Weather | Impact
Impact and Space Weather and Howt to prepare for Rare Disaster Events 


Important other considerations:

Utility Shut-Off Safety for Emergency Preparendess

Crowd Safety and How to be safe/prepare for Crowd Events, unrest
Emergency Preparedness with Children
Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults
; Elders and vulnerable people
Preparedness with Pets how to keep your pet safe

.. and somewhat 'tongue-in-cheek 'Festival Survival' Guide Top tips for an amazing summer 

Also, remember tocheck out our blog, i.e. what you must plan and prepare for and  Hazards and Risks – what’s the difference and why does it matter? 

Health matters (!): Tick Alert How to avoid Lyme Disease and TBE | Zika Virus: What You Need To Know | Mosquitoes – Harmless Nuisance or Threat in the UK?