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First Aid Kit Contents British Standard

Contents of British Standard Compliant (BS 8599-1:2019) First Aid Kits for the Workplace

ContentsSmall MediumLarge
F/A guidance leaflet111
Medium sterile dressing246
Large sterile dressing234
Triangular dressing234
Eye dressing234
Adhesive dressings4060 100
Sterile wet wipe20 3040
Microporous tape123
Nitrile gloves - pair6 9 12
Face shield 1 23
Foil blanket123
Burn dressing 10 x 10cm12 2
Clothing shears11 1
Conforming bandage 122
Finger dressing23 4
Sterile eyewash 250ml 000

The size of the first aid kit required is a combination of the level of risk and the number of employees in the workplace

Risk / # Employees




British Standard First Aid Box BS 8599-1 25 Employees


British Standard Compliant Deluxe Medium


British Standard Compliant First Aid Box BS 8599-1

Low risk / less than 251  
Low risk / 25-100 1 
Low risk / 100 +  1
High risk / less than 51  
High risk / 5-25 1 
High risk / 25 +  1

This information is for guidance only: you should carry out a risk assessment for each workplace.

  • Low risk environments includes offices, libraries, shops etc.
  • High risk workplaces include engineering, processing, warehousing, construction and manufacture.

Workplace first aid kits


Contents of British Standard Compliant (BS 8599-2) Vehicle & Motoring First Aid Kits

F/A guidance leaflet111
Medium trauma dressing112
Large trauma dressing   1
Triangular dressing 12
Adhesive plaster 51020
Adherent dressing large 12
Sterile wet wipe51020
Sterile dressing ambulance 12
Nitrile gloves - pair125
Face shield112
Foil blanket 13
Burn dressing 10 x 10cm124
Clothing shears111

The type of vehicle & the size of the vehicle first aid kit required

Number of passengers/vehicle type





  British Standard First Aid Kit Motorcycles BS 8599-2



British Standard Compliant Car First Aid Kit BS8M443-3011_Moto_MediumBS8599.jpg599-2



British Standard Compliant Large Vehicle First Aid Box BS 8599-2

1-3 Motorcycles, mopeds, quads1  
1-8 Cars, vans, taxis & commercial vehicles 1 
1-16 Minibuses, small buses  1
17+ Buses, coaches  2