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Which Car or Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?

Which Car or Vehicle Fire Extinguisher you need depends on the type of car and use. For examples, see the table below.

Updated April 2024: Things have become much simpler with the release of Firexo All Fires range of fire extinguishers. Yes, that's right, one type of extinguisher for all Classes of Fire A B C D E & F! They are even suitable for electric cars as they are effective against Lithium-ion Battery Fires 

Company Cars: Companies should carry out a Health & Safety assessment to verify the need to carry a fire extinguisher in company cars. 
We suggest a small single-use extinguisher suitable for all fires
Product:  All Fires Car Extinguisher

Vans and small commercial vehicles should carry a 2kg ABC dry powder extinguisher or the new 2L All Fires Extinguisher   

Commercial vehicles used in the carriage of dangerous goods (CDG) require ABC type fire extinguishers (or the new Firexo multipurpose type), the capacity of which varies according to the load of the vehicl

  First Aid Kit and Extinguisher for Taxis

                       Taxi Fire and First Aid Safety Kit

Taxis: A taxi or minicab should probably carry a 1kg ABC dry powder extinguisher: Taxis and PHVs (private hire vehicles or minicabs) are required by law to carry first aid kits and fire extinguishers. The type and capacity of the vehicle fire extinguisher varies with the local licensing authority.  

Passenger Carrying Vehicles (Minibuses): If a vehicle is capable of carrying nine or more passengers it is classed as a PSV (passenger service vehicle).  PSVs should carry a 2l AFFF Foam extinguisher or the equivalent 2L All Purpose Extingusher   

It is mandatory for PSVs to carry fire extinguishers.  

500ml stainless steel fire extinguisher 

Private Cars: There is currently no UK legislation requiring private cars to carry fire extinguishers, nevertheless, we believe it is prudent to carry a small fire extinguisher in your car. 

We suggest a small   car fire extinguisher suitable for all fires. 


Kindly note: please keep your sales receipt as this in effect is your commisioning date for single-use extinguisher(s).

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