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                                                          Ration-X Day Ration Pack Menu Sheet 2019

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2123 kcal

2108 kcal  2228 kcal  2290 kcal  2490 kcal 

Bean & Sausage Breakfast

All Day Breakfast  Wheat Porridge with Apple & Mango  Vegetarian Sausage, Egg and Bean All Day Breakfast
Eriki's Creamy Beef Stew Swedish Meatballs with Creamy Potato Spicy Vegetable Rigatoni Pasta  Spicy Mexican Tuna Pasta   Thai Chicken Panang
Chocolate cake Chocolate cake Chocolate Pudding in chocolate sauce Chocolate Pudding in chocolate sauce Toffee Pudding in toffee sacue
Millenium energy bar Millenium energy bar Caramel energy bar Salted Peanuts Millenium energy bar
Snack bar  Cereal bar Trecking Biscuits Millenium energy bar Oat biscuits
Barley Sugar drops   Boiled sweets   Salted Peanuts Barley Sugar drops Barley Sugar drops
Allergens: milk, eggs, coconut, soya, oat flakes, wheat gluten, whey powder may contain peanut and sesame seed products Allergens: celery, mustard, coconut, soya , egg, milk, oat flakes, wheat gluten, whey, barley, lactose free cream, may contain peanut and sesame seed Allergens: lactose free cream, gluten from wheat , barley,  milk, soya, peanuts,  sesame, oat flakes, whey powder, sodium metabisulfite E223. May contain traces of celery, egg and mustard  Allergens: milk, soya, wheat,  peanuts, egg,  cereals containing gluten, fish, coconut   Allergens: milk, soya, wheat,  peanuts, egg,  coconut, gluten, oats

The individual items in these boxes are labelled with dietary and other information. The information provided on this page is correct at the time of writing. Manufacturers may change menu composition without notice. Please check the contents list and allergen warning on the product packaging prior to use.

* We can supply a vegan version of this menu. Please contact us to order.